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Ma Fung-kwok says the city has missed an opportunity.

The Film Development Council will review its funding schemes and draft new proposals for nurturing talent, but these won't be enough to move the industry forward if film development is not considered within the context of overall cultural policy, the council's new chairman has said.

Monday, 17 June, 2013, 5:39am

Directors need more city backing, film chief says

Jack So, the government’s point man on film-related policy, attends the launch of the First Feature Film Initiative. Photo: Dickson Lee

Multimillion-dollar backing from a Taiwanese city for Ang Lee to produce his Oscar-winning Life of Pi has prompted a call for Hong Kong to offer similar direct support to its top film directors. Film Development Council chairman Jack So Chak-kwong said Hong Kong's support for movie projects was "nothing" compared with the NT$50 million (HK$13 million) raised by the government of Taichung for Lee.

20 Mar 2013 - 5:50am

Letters to the Editor, February 7, 2013

Our parks need to be more laid-back. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Zero-tolerance approach to doping

I refer to Alvin Sallay's article on cyclist Steven Wong's doping case ("Wong makes us all look like dopes", January 27).

7 Feb 2013 - 2:41am 2 comments

Cloud Atlas points to new role for the Hong Kong film industry

The Cloud Atlas crew at the Chinese premiere. Photo: AP

With Hollywood studios reluctant to put up the full cost of production, more than one-third of the money to make the film was raised in the city.

24 Jan 2013 - 10:10am

China film finds success in comedy

Director and actor Xu Zheng (centre) speaks with fans at a movie theatre in Chongqing to promote his latest film "Lost in Thailand". Photo: AP

The headlines this first week of January have been filled with figures on China's box office for 2012, with many in the media predictably focusing on the fact that foreign films overtook domestic ones to win the box office crown last year.

4 Jan 2013 - 12:16pm

Funds available to film industry

I refer to Martin Seng's letter ("Ailing film industry needs financial help from government", October 28), which requires clarification.

4 Nov 2012 - 3:36am

Bollywood threat to quit Mumbai over violent attacks

Ramesh Sippy

Bollywood and Mumbai are as intertwined as tree roots, each inconceivable without the other. The label which denotes the Indian film industry was coined by combining Mumbai city's earlier name, Bombay, and Hollywood.

20 Aug 2012 - 4:35am

Movie park proposed at depot site to preserve filmmaking heritage

A movie park should be built on the former Tai Hom Village site in Diamond Hill to strengthen the local industry and preserve the city's filmmaking heritage, according to a joint proposal from concern groups.

16 Apr 2008 - 12:00am

Film budget will decide subsidy

Only films with small and medium-sized budgets will qualify for money from a HK$300 million fund announced in the budget, an official says.

8 Mar 2007 - 12:00am

Film-makers jittery as Hollywood comes calling

Few fear China's entry into the World Trade Organisation more than its film industry.

9 Oct 2000 - 12:00am

New studio to revive ailing film industry

Another film studio was proposed as part of efforts to boost the ailing industry.

It was the second time in three years that Mr Tung, a movie buff, has proposed a film studio as a panacea for the local industry's falling returns at the box office.

7 Oct 1999 - 12:00am

Cinema video law mooted

The Government is considering making it an offence for film-goers to possess unauthorised video recording equipment in cinemas.

Initial discussions had been held with the film industry and cinema operators, the Trade and Industry Bureau said in a paper.

1 Jan 1999 - 12:00am

Reel life outside Tinsel Town

EUROPEAN film was in decline. British film makers were projecting that if American movies continued to take over the cinemas at the same rate, then there would be no British film at all within four years.

Film companies all over Europe got together and decided that something had to be done to stop Hollywood taking over completely.

5 Nov 1995 - 12:00am

Golden opportunities in TV and film production

DO you have both artistic and business skills ? Try a career in television/film producing.

The recent dramatic upsurge in cable, satellite and terrestrial forms of television transmission in Asia has stimulated renewed interest in the potential for careers in the TV/film industry.

28 Dec 1993 - 12:00am