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  • Apr 19, 2014
  • Updated: 11:56am
Finland Country Report

Runtech turns history with energy-efficient papermaking

"High profitability" and "energy efficiency" often did not go together, particularly in the paper manufacturing industry, whose history is notoriously linked to environmental degradation.

Tuesday, 2 July, 2013, 2:12pm

Flowrox expands operations on the mainland

Pumps and valves from Finland are helping to maintain a steady flow of wearing materials processed by industries on the mainland. Flowrox, a specialised producer of industrial pumps and valves, will be expanding its operations to provide broader customer support and products that will also be distributed throughout Asia.

2 Jul 2013 - 2:09pm

Team Finland raises level of co-operation with mainland firms

China's increasing international role has made it a vital strategy for many nations to strengthen ties with the emerging global power - but only few have visions as clear as Finland's China Action Plan.

2 Jul 2013 - 2:06pm

Jyväskylä Human Tech Center blends humanities with technologies

"The key to success in this millennium is to understand humans."

Fundamental yet revolutionary, this outlook summarises the campaign promoting one of Finland's fastest-growing cities - Jyväskylä, where traditional strengths in the humanities blend with leading-edge technologies.

2 Jul 2013 - 2:03pm

Orbis Systems assures quality with testing solutions

The fully automated inspection machine at the mobile phone assembly line sees all aspects of production. Using special software, lighting design and accurate calibration, it can efficiently check all six surfaces of the phones for colour, logo placement, missing parts and other specifications.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:59pm

Wärtsilä supports mainland growth with advanced technologies

Advanced technology is reshaping the shipping and power industries, that are the best candidates to take the world on a low carbon future.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:34pm

Detection Technology creates clever digital X-ray solutions

Economic development, rapid industrialisation and ageing populations have placed inevitable strain on Asia's medical, security and industrial equipment requirements. These factors, along with investments pouring into Asia's developing economies, are driving the need for high-quality and cost-efficient products to support the growth of health care and security industries.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:28pm

Elematic establishes largest mainland precast technology company

Precast concrete is increasingly gaining appreciation on the mainland as construction activities continue to flourish. Riding on the market boom, leading precast technology provider Elematic has collaborated with China Triumph International Engineering Co (CTIEC) to form the largest precast technology supplier on the mainland.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:25pm

Stresstech offers advanced residual stress testing solutions

When placed near a magnet, steel emits a crackling sound known as Barkhausen noise. Named after professor Heinrich Barkhausen, who discovered the phenomenon, this noise varies depending on the amount of impurities and other properties of steel.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:23pm

Angry Birds Activity Parks entice Asian travellers

Putting a twist to Finland's tourism, leading vacation timeshare provider Holiday Club Resorts brings to life Rovio Entertainment's international phenomenon, Angry Birds. With Angry Birds theme parks as the latest in its roster of attractions, Holiday Club entices tourists worldwide to visit Finland.

2 Jul 2013 - 1:13pm