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  • Sep 2, 2014
  • Updated: 4:50pm

First Bus

Video shows driver fainting as bus veered out of control before Chai Wan crash

Two of the three people killed in the taxi were top culinary staff at British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's famous Fat Duck restaurant. Swede Carl Lindgren, 30, and Briton Jorge Herrena, 34, died instantly. 

Monday, 12 August, 2013, 2:54pm 2 comments

Deadly bus crash puts focus on health of drivers

Legislation should be passed requiring all public-transport drivers to have a comprehensive health check annually, a legislator urged yesterday, after two double-deckers crushed a taxi and caused three deaths and 56 injuries yesterday.

12 Aug 2013 - 3:21pm 3 comments

Bus driver collapsed at wheel shortly before deadly crash

Bus passengers yesterday described how they saw their driver collapse moments before the bus careened down a hill and caused a three-vehicle pile-up that left three people in a crushed taxi dead, and injured 56.

12 Aug 2013 - 2:56pm