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  • Sep 22, 2014
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Friends of the Earth

Earth mother's fight to save environment

IT was a big day. The most senior official in charge of China's environment, Xie Zhenhua, was on an official visit to Hong Kong. He was met at Kai Tak airport not by a large delegation of old men in black suits, but by a slim, middle-aged woman.

Sunday, 18 April, 1999, 12:00am

Greens want jobless poll

Friends of the Earth said last night it wanted to survey unemployed people before committing itself to helping find work for the jobless army.

Admitting it 'may not be qualified' to provide community service work for long-term welfare recipients, the green group held a two-hour meeting yesterday to discuss the scheme.

11 Dec 1998 - 12:00am

Electricity share plan attacked

FRIENDS of the Earth yesterday attacked the Government's policy on emergency electricity power-sharing between the two utility companies.

The green group claimed the current restriction on what is known as interconnection in emergency cases artificially inflated electricity charges by up to 20 per cent.

1 Nov 1998 - 12:00am

HK's rotten air - so many needless deaths

Last month, when the local roadside air pollution index hit a record high of 167 in Causeway Bay, many Hong Kong people were asking how we could have tolerated this unhealthy state of affairs for so many years.

31 Oct 1998 - 12:00am

More talk than action on environment

Nearly everyone believes there is a responsibility to protect the environment, but only about eight per cent of people recycle anything, according to a survey.

Fewer than 20 per cent of the 5,955 people surveyed were involved in community clean-ups or environmental initiatives, the poll by the Environmental Campaign Committee showed.

28 Oct 1998 - 12:00am

'Biggest failure' in clean air drive

THE Chief Executive has failed to keep many of the promises he made on the environment, according to green groups.

Among Mr Tung's pledges for the year that he kept - although unsatisfactorily - was a commitment to introducing an Environmental Impact Assessment scheme and the launching of a sustainable development study.

4 Oct 1998 - 12:00am

Minimising potential harm to dolphins

I refer to the letter from Friends of the Earth (FoE) headlined, 'Hard times for dolphins thanks to airport' (South China Morning Post, July 25).

FoE raised concerns about some environmental issues related to the new airport and I would like to respond to two of the issues in which the department is involved.

6 Aug 1998 - 12:00am

Route Three built at countryside's expense

In response to the letter from Route Three (CPS) Company Limited (South China Morning Post, June 26), Friends of the Earth (FoE) was shocked by the misleading hype given to the construction of the Route Three Country Park highway.

21 Jul 1998 - 12:00am