Retailer hopes Old Navy will bridge China gap

Gap will have to fight for brand recognition in China for its Old Navy chain. Photo: AP

When Gap began an online campaign before it launched its Old Navy label in China, the iconic US clothing retailer asked its potential Chinese customers: have you heard of Old Navy?

Only a few had.

Monday, 3 March, 2014, 3:22pm

For penny-pinching, Bangladesh still reigns supreme

 A Bangladeshi man cries for a missing relative, believed to have died in the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex rubble in April. Photo: AFP

With knitwear exports of over US$2 billion (HK$15.5 billion) a year, India’s garment manufacturing hub Tirupur has earned the nickname “Dollar City,” but its allure for price-conscious global retailers obsessed by discounts of as little as one US cent pales before Bangladesh.

10 Jul 2013 - 3:17pm

More Bangladesh factories dangerous: AP

A woman, who lost her arm in the Rana Plaza building collapse, undergoes treatment at a Bangladesh hospital. The April 24 building collapse caused 1,130 deaths. Photo: EPA

Bangladeshi garment factories are routinely built without consulting engineers. Many are located in commercial or residential buildings not designed to withstand the stress of heavy manufacturing. Some add illegal extra floors atop support columns too weak to hold them, according to a survey of scores of factories by an engineering university that was shown to The Associated Press.

14 Jun 2013 - 3:04pm

Banana Republic 'set to launch in China'

American clothing retailer Banana Republic might open its first China store in Hong Kong next year, according to sources. Photo: AFP

Popular American mid-tier fashion label Banana Republic is set to open its first store in China as early as next year to catch up with the latest wave of expansion by global retailers in the world's No2 economy.

15 Aug 2012 - 9:07am

Gap to open 20 new stores in China

Unfazed by rising rents, Gap sees Chinese shoppers at stores like this one in Beijing as the key to growth.Photo: AFP

Gap, the iconic American fashion brand, is set to expand by almost one new store a week in Hong Kong and on the mainland over the next six months - despite rapid rent rises that have forced some retailers to close their stores.

12 Aug 2012 - 9:24pm

New take on the generation gap

Most final-year university undergraduates across the mainland are anxiously sending out their CVs, going to job fairs and using social connections (their own or their parents') to try to find jobs when the exams are over.

Some, however, have decided to make a brief diversion from the career path and take a gap year before plunging into the real working world.

26 May 2012 - 12:00am

Musts for fashionistas

New transnational brands in the city


Location: Capitol Centre, Causeway Bay

2 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

Filling the Gap

After a much ballyhooed billboard campaign, which has been staring down over large areas of Central for the past few months, Gap has finally arrived. The soft opening of the brand's Hong Kong flagship store on November 25 created a hard-sell buzz, especially among shoppers familiar with this affordable fashion retailer, which first opened in San Francisco in 1969.

18 Dec 2011 - 12:00am

Big Gap brings out the stars for an evening of shopping, champagne-sipping and snapping

The Gap store opening last week boasted a guest entrance queue longer than the lines for Disneyland rides at weekends. Though by no means the first Gap shop in Greater China (Shanghai and Beijing each have four), the Hong Kong flagship impresses with its size, spanning 15,000 sq ft over four floors, and including Gap adult, GapKids, babyGap and GapBody.

12 Dec 2011 - 12:00am

Stewards' decision muddies the picture

Since protests became flavour of the month, the stewards have at last provided us with some grist for the mill. Saturday's protest by third-placed Lions' Fortune against the winner, Crown Witness, has left many dazed and confused coming so soon after, and bringing a different result to, the other inflammatory minor objection at Happy Valley, involving Master Dreamer and Industrial Legend.

8 Dec 2010 - 12:00am

Should gap years be compulsory?

Anthea Wong, 17, Hong Kong International School

After the stress and strain of high school and/or university, many young people are tempted to take a year off before continuing with their education or starting their career. Gap years may be fun and relaxing, and provide a golden opportunity to explore the world. But they could also ruin a person's future.

4 Mar 2009 - 12:00am

Helping out

The chief executive unveiled a HK$11 billion package to ease the plight of poorer citizens hit by inflation. Do you back this initiative, or do you agree with critics who say it is a stop-gap measure? Write to us.

18 Jul 2008 - 12:00am

Style bites

Golf label tees off

6 Jun 2007 - 12:00am

Gap strategies

A study sponsored by a think-tank close to the chief executive has underlined concerns that the gap between the rich and poor in Hong Kong is continuing to widen. What should be done? Write to us

11 Jan 2007 - 12:00am

Entrepreneur closes gap between manufacturer, retailer

China is already the largest exporter of home furnishing products to the United States but, by streamlining the supply chain, it can become even more competitive, according to Harvey Lewis Stein.

28 Mar 2005 - 12:00am