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  • Sep 17, 2014
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Rogers makes history as first openly gay player in US pro soccer

Robbie Rogers is back where he feels he belongs and is most comfortable. On a soccer pitch playing the game he has loved since he was a boy. Now that he has revealed the long kept secret that he is gay, he is ready to move on and focus on resuming his career.

Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 4:45am

Fear of abuse keeps bulk of Chinese gays in closet in workplace

More than half of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on the mainland have heard colleagues use insulting language or tell offensive jokes about LGBT people, resulting in most choosing to stay in the closet, according to a report released in Beijing yesterday.

18 May 2013 - 5:24am 1 comment

Federer, Murray unfazed by gay players on tour

Roger Federer and Andy Murray have insisted that any player who came out as gay would not face discrimination on the ATP Tour. US basketball star Jason Collins recently revealed he was gay, becoming the first active professional player in the US to declare his homosexuality.

14 May 2013 - 5:45am

LGBT tourism: is HK missing out?

Members of the Hong Kong lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have heard the story time and again: a man and his husband check into a hotel after a long flight and grow increasingly exasperated as the smiling but confused receptionist asks for the third time: "Are you sure you don't want separate beds?"

23 Apr 2013 - 10:49am 7 comments

Vertically inclined

Cason Crane has been putting off starting his studies at Princeton University for two years, but it's not as if he's spent that time wondering what he wants to do with his life.

16 Apr 2013 - 11:50am

Activist's plan to legalise gay marriage submitted to NPC

“A [National People's Congress] member has brought the proposal to the parliament meeting, but only as a ‘suggestion’,” Li Yinhe said. On multiple occassions since 2003, she has entrusted NPC members to submit her proposal on gay marriage on her behalf. 

6 Mar 2013 - 1:45pm

Cameron wins the day on gay marriage

Britain's newspapers said the vote had alienated Cameron from many members of his own party and could have far-reaching political consequences ahead of the next general election in 2015.

7 Feb 2013 - 4:47am

Gay asylum seekers in UK resort to extreme measures to prove sexuality

In a lecture to be delivered this week at the Law Society, S. Chelvan, a barrister who specialises in asylum cases and works with the UK Border Agency (UKBA), will detail the extraordinary methods to which individuals are resorting - including filming themselves having sex - to justify requests for refuge.

5 Feb 2013 - 7:20am

Briefs, January 9, 2013

Second inquest returns same Winehouse ruling

9 Jan 2013 - 4:18am

Liverpool's Suso fined for calling teammate 'gay' on Twitter

Liverpool forward Suso was fined £10,000 (HK$126,000) after labelling teammate Jose Enrique "gay" on Twitter.

Suso sparked protests last month when he posted a photo on the microblogging website of Reds defender Enrique having his teeth whitened and added a tweet which read: "What f**k is he doing? This guy is gay...he does everything except play football."

20 Dec 2012 - 2:37am