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CSL 'conceded billing glitch'

A customer suing telecommunications provider CSL over what he says are erroneous phone charges told a tribunal yesterday that a CSL executive conceded a 'glitch' might be responsible for one of the bill items.

Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 10:49pm

CSL lawsuit turns the spotlight on HK's roaming fees

When Ben Sargent went to Italy to attend a friend's wedding and then to Dubai for a holiday last summer, his international phone calls totalled less than one hour. He came home to a HK$2,540 bill from CSL.

Now, Sargent, 40, is probably the first person to take a Hong Kong mobile phone company to court over non-transparent roaming charges.

2 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

HK cold on blocking phone thefts

The government is being urged to follow the American approach to tackling mobile phone theft by setting up a centralised reporting system with key service providers.

But the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) said technical difficulties could undermine the effectiveness of such a system.

14 Apr 2012 - 12:00am


A mobile phone can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies. The problem with today's smartphones is you always end up using all the battery power by playing games, updating your Facebook status or simply checking your e-mail.

That's why in emergency situations when you need a spare, you need a SpareOne.

8 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

Roaming Vision + Digital

Works by Leung Kui-ting (including Roaming Vision + Digital 05-2011, left) that combine digital elements with Chinese traditional ink painting components. Today-Fri, 10am-6.30pm, Sat, 10am-6pm, Hanart TZ Gallery, 407 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder St, Central. Inquiries: 2526 9019. Ends Sat

16 Nov 2011 - 12:00am

How to avoid mobile bill shock

There are all manner of misfortunes that befall the traveller abroad; lost luggage, a stolen passport, delayed flights and sometimes accidents. Now, there is another item to add to the list - our mobile telephone bill.

20 May 2011 - 12:00am

HK$16,000 phone roaming bill

Imagine being billed HK$16,000 for just a day of overseas data roaming.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council says that is what happened to one woman recently - and that is why you should be sure to read the fine print in your data-roaming agreement if you are planning to use your smartphone overseas.

17 May 2011 - 12:00am

3 days in Thailand, HK$29,000 in roaming fees

When Anthony Lam Yue-yeung landed in Bangkok last September bound for what he expected to be a pleasant three-day holiday on the resort island of Koh Samui, he switched on his iPhone.

Like mobile phones everywhere it was swiftly flooded with welcome text messages offering roaming discounts and other services.

27 Apr 2010 - 12:00am

Company profile - China Mobile

China Mobile's principal activity is the operation of mobile telecommunications.

2 Jun 2008 - 12:00am

Fixed-line operators stand to lose from roaming cuts

Mainland fixed-line phone companies could see their revenues eroded this year as a result of the government's decision to cut roaming fees charged by mobile operators, industry watchers warn.

18 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Beijing finalises cuts to roaming call rates

In a move seen as deepening mobile-phone operators' domination of the mainland telephone market, the government has confirmed that it will lower the limit on domestic roaming charges for mobile users by an average of 63 per cent. The changes apply from next month.

14 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Planners must take their hands off the phones

Modern telecommunications are a powerful force that can greatly reduce business costs and increase convenience for people. Yet, as a key strategic industry, on the mainland they are still effectively controlled by state planners. Fees and tariffs are dictated by regulators rather than commercial principles.

24 Jan 2008 - 12:00am

Lower roaming fees seen boosting China Mobile's dominance

China Mobile will further cement its dominant position in the country after a reduction of domestic roaming charges to make long-distant calls more affordable for mobile users, according to China Netcom Group Corp.

23 Jan 2008 - 12:00am

Cheaper bills to start with roaming

Beijing's plan to cut domestic roaming charges will pave the way for reductions in overall mobile-phone tariffs in the lead-up a restructuring of the telecommunications industry, sources said.

21 Jan 2008 - 12:00am

Lower roaming charges to lift mobile earnings

Beijing's plan to cut mobile-telephone roaming charges is expected to boost revenue for China Mobile and China Unicom as customers find it more cost effective to use their handsets when travelling.

8 Jan 2008 - 12:00am