Great Leap Forward

Deforestation to blame for Beijing's pollution

Deforestation to blame for Beijing's pollution

Surrounded by hills and plains, close to the Mongolian Plateau, Beijing suffers from extremes of temperature. Every year after the harsh, cold winter, the sandstorm from the Gobi desert invades the city as spring approaches. The entire city is covered in dust and turns grey, colouring human life.

Monday, 1 April, 2013, 3:00am

How rudeness was once a survival strategy

Rudeness was a means of survival in communist China then, and remains so today.

Earlier this month, Thierry Gillier, the founder of French fashion house Zadig & Voltaire, announced to the world that its new boutique hotel, due to open in Paris in 2014, would not welcome Chinese tourists. This shocked and angered many Chinese on the mainland and overseas and Gillier was labelled a racist.

25 Oct 2012 - 2:42am 8 comments

In the villages, a China still living in want

In the villages, a China still living in want

While the coastal cities of China and its people have benefited from the economic reforms of the past three decades, in many parts of rural inland China, peasants continue to live in dire poverty.

22 Sep 2012 - 2:59am 1 comment

Going forward, let's say something else

Some annoying words and phrases that serve no purpose often slip into a language and gain wide currency. They are like irritating bugs that get into your system and stay there forever without doing tremendous harm.

A recent example is the phrase 'going forward'. Not a day goes by without someone making a public speech or statement using it at least once.

13 Sep 2011 - 12:00am

Party can't stick to its present course

It is not surprising that the Chinese Communist Party, which marks its 90th anniversary today, prefers to highlight the last three decades of economic growth that have lifted hundreds of millions from poverty, created an ever more comfortable middle class and overseen the country's emergence as a leading player on the world stage.

1 Jul 2011 - 12:00am

Mao's Great Famine

Mao's Great Famine by Frank Dikotter Bloomsbury HK$255

26 Sep 2010 - 12:00am

Pride and dogmatism worsened Great Famine, author says

Ask most mainlanders about the Great Famine and they will blame it on natural disasters and the need to repay debts owed to the Soviet Union, following the ideological split in 1960, when it withdrew all its 1,500 advisers from projects across China.

5 Sep 2010 - 12:00am

Admitting mistakes

I refer to the letter from Bryan Jones headlined 'Party's crimes' (South China Morning Post, August 20).

Mr Jones said that if it was right for Japan to admit its war crimes, then the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should also be honest about what it did during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

25 Aug 2001 - 12:00am

Party's crimes

If it is in the best interests of Asia and the rest of the world for Japan to acknowledge its war crimes (and I believe it is), then why is it also not in the best interests of the world for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to have an honest accounting of its deeds?

20 Aug 2001 - 12:00am

Farcical farms leap headlong towards disaster

'Innovation is the spirit and power of a nation's progress,' President Jiang Zemin told a major conference last week as he urged a greater commitment to science and technology.

But the contrast between the leadership's grand aspirations and achievements on the ground is frequently stark.

3 Mar 2001 - 12:00am

Millions of dead omitted

Anthony Pearson ('Stop this insane war', South China Morning Post, May 14) has a point when he proposes that perpetrators of atrocities should confess and show contrition for their ill deeds.

18 May 1999 - 12:00am

Dull prose a bind in pop art tale

Given the surge of interest seen in the West in mainland political pop art over the past five years, it is remarkable that there are not more books on the shelves exploring the historical roots of this movement. This book is a welcome addition to the genre, following in the footsteps of Julia Andrews' seminal work, Painters and Politics in the People's Republic of China 1949-79.

31 Oct 1998 - 12:00am

Great Leap Forward for birthday boy Phil

AN invitation arrived in the bulging Keeping Posted mailbag from Daliesque painter (in an artistic rather than physical sense) Phil Clarke to drink and dine at his Kennedy Road eyrie tonight on account of his 40th birthday.

23 Mar 1993 - 12:00am