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  • Sep 16, 2014
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Guo Jingjing

Estee Lauder bash lifted by ex-diving diva

Tuesday's plug for beauty brand Estee Lauder was former diving queen Guo Jingjing's first public appearance since her extravagant wedding with tycoon heir Kenneth Fok Kai-kong in November.

Thursday, 10 January, 2013, 4:16am

Opulent nuptials wedded to image

The late Henry Fok's grandson tied the knot with Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing in a wedding that reportedly cost HK$15 million. The price tag is eye-popping for most people, but judging by the most grotesque standards of conspicuous nuptial celebration, it's rather small beer.

12 Nov 2012 - 4:16pm 5 comments

Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing host Nansha wedding banquet

After the first instalment of their HK$15 million wedding extravaganza in Hong Kong on Thursday, Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok Kai-kong were ready to party again - this time in the Fok family's ancestral home of Nansha in Guangzhou.

11 Nov 2012 - 5:10am 1 comment

Henry Fok's grandson ties knot with diving queen Guo Jingjing in HK$15 million wedding

It must be a contender for wedding of the year - China's retired Olympic diving queen married a tycoon's grandson yesterday under a cloud of paparazzi sitting aloft on cranes.

9 Nov 2012 - 1:36pm 2 comments

Talking points

Korean rocket countdown … again

8 Nov 2012 - 2:08am

Heir Kenneth Fok and China's Olympic diving queen to tie the knot

Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, a grandson of late billionaire Henry Fok Ying-tung, will next week marry his sweetheart, China's diving queen Guo Jingjing.

The couple have been under intense media scrutiny over the past few days after news leaked about a planned HK$15 million extravaganza.

3 Nov 2012 - 3:52am

Who said it?

The reason for our harsh treatment [in China] was our activities were highly systematic, as [we] had experience of underground activities

South Korean activist Kim Young-hwan, who says he was tortured while detained in Dandong

Her role is like a big sister to me, she helps me all the way and I am really grateful to her

15 Aug 2012 - 11:07pm

Lai See

Timothy Fok's Olympic moment synchronised with diving

15 Aug 2012 - 10:58pm

Guo experiences Games from other side of the fence

Retired diving queen Guo Jingjing is enjoying being in the stands for a change after a stellar career that saw her win four Olympic gold medals.

The Chinese ace, who retired last year, was spotted watching the Hong Kong gymnastics team compete at North Greenwich Arena yesterday.

30 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

Diving into the

The atmosphere at the London Olympics will be unlike anything the 10,343 athletes could ever have imagined.

With the eyes of a global audience upon them, the experience of competing on the world's greatest stage will be an unbelievable 'high'.

But for one Olympic legend, it's the devastating 'low' that could hit them afterwards that concerns him.

28 Jul 2012 - 12:00am