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  • Dec 29, 2014
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Triple Happiness

The new Morgan three-wheeler cyclecar.

After a 60-year break in production, the Morgan three-wheeler is back on the road. Jeff Heselwood takes a look at the new model with retro aesthetics.

Friday, 31 August, 2012, 3:56pm


Hong Kong's finest Happy Diwali. The law were the stars of last Sunday's Motorcycle Show, says its organiser, Ian Foster.

10 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

At a glance

What drives it? A 60-degree, water-cooled, 1130cc Revolution V-Twin engine that redlines at 9,000rpm; with five-speed transmission, electronic fuel injection and belt drive and Brembo triple four-piston caliper brakes; 120 brake-horsepower at 8,250rpm

How fast is it? Top speed of 240km/h

How thirsty is it? 16km/litre in city riding on a 19-litre tank

20 May 2006 - 12:00am

Colossus of roads

THERE IS SOMETHING inherently incongruous about the idea of riding a Harley-Davidson in Hong Kong. I mean, all that stuff about independence and rebellion, freedom and wide open spaces - on this little island? I think not.

20 May 2006 - 12:00am

Bikers demand safer parking as thefts rise

Wilson Parking says it has stepped up security patrols and is working to improve its security-camera coverage amid accusations of negligence, following a recent spate of motorcycle theft on its premises.

5 Mar 2006 - 12:00am


The Harley Owners' Group (Hog) of Hong Kong say it isn't sending riders to Sturgis this weekend (see adjacent report), but it's revving up for a busy autumn.

13 Aug 2005 - 12:00am

Facial attraction

If you've walked through Festival Walk in the past month you may have noticed a new addition to the expanding number of cosmetic boutiques. Kiehl's has opened its largest shop in Hong Kong, carrying the full range of products distributed here. Designed like an American diner, complete with a neon sign at the front, the glass house outlet intends to attract shoppers of all species.

29 Jul 2005 - 12:00am

In hog heaven

Patrick Tse Yin - Village People moustache, black leather jacket and heavy metal chains?

It's not the first image of the urbane playboy that springs to mind, but Tse has a passion for Harley-Davidsons and belongs to a club of about 100 Hong Kong owners, he told CitySeen.

16 Nov 2004 - 12:00am

A big ride for Harley's 100th

Raymond Leung's eyes glow with the anticipation of a road trip. In a few days the Hong Kong native, 39, will join two dozen motorcycle enthusiasts at Bozeman, Montana, for the start of a 10-day journey across 3,200km of open highway to a concrete parking lot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

17 Aug 2003 - 12:00am

Check In

Thinking out of the box: Before your loved one's next business trip, friend's next holiday or sibling's honeymoon, send them an 'Out-of-a-Box' experience as a surprise gift.

25 Mar 2003 - 12:00am


If you are thinking of buying a Nissan March ($109,800), Honda Jazz ($105,800) the swish Volkswagen Polo ($129,000) or even a 3-Series BMW compact ($226,500), you may wish to check out the new five-door Fiesta (below) for $109,800 at Ford Hong Kong first.

8 Dec 2002 - 12:00am


Foot Down watched local motoring history in the making as 25 Triumph owners celebrated the grand British marque's centenary outside hongkongbikes.com in Sai Kung last Saturday (below). The impressive assembly of sparkling Huntleys and Meridians then went for a spin through the New Territories. The group had never met before, but the event could mark the beginning of a new club.

3 Nov 2002 - 12:00am

Security lures Harley lover to Asia position

Would you feel safe buying a security system backed by a man who rides a Harley Davidson? Simon Naylor, the new Asia Pacific vice-president for Security Dynamics and a motorcycle hobbyist, believes you should.

13 Jan 1998 - 12:00am

Harleys win the day after a rough ride

Riding a Harley-Davidson might well have cost Rod Bevan the local elections of his Sunshine Coast shire this year.

But the ginger-bearded outrider from Adelaide, who has ridden the queen of motorbikes for 31 years, only shrugs.

18 Nov 1997 - 12:00am

Japanese man held in stolen bikes scam

Japanese police have arrested a motorcycle shop owner suspected of stealing Harley Davidson motorcycles and shipping them to Hong Kong. Shinichi Oto, 33, was arrested after police raided his shop north of Tokyo and seized up to six stolen bikes.

21 May 1997 - 12:00am