Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry

HK$200m to keep ferries afloat

HK$200m to keep ferries afloat

Transport authorities are proposing to raise subsidies for ferry routes to outlying islands to nearly HK$200 million in order to keep services going, prompting one lawmaker to say the government may be better off running the ferry routes itself.

Saturday, 25 May, 2013, 3:57am

Shops at piers set to boost ailing ferry companies

An artist's impression of how the piers will look. Photo: SCMP

The government plans to spend almost HK$610 million adding space for shops to three Central ferry piers as a form of cross-subsidy to help boat operators stay afloat in the long term.

Lawmakers heard yesterday that the work to raise the height of piers 4 to 6 by three floors was expected to be completed in phases from 2015 to 2018.

21 May 2013 - 3:11am

Passengers stop overloaded ferry from sailing

A large amount of cargo - including four bookcases - was loaded onto the ferry, blocking the emergency exits. Photo: SCMP

Safety on board a vessel belonging to the ferry company involved in last year's deadly sea collision came under fire again yesterday, as angry passengers stopped the boat from leaving the dock because it was clogged with cargo.

11 May 2013 - 5:32am 1 comment