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  • Mar 31, 2015
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Hong Kong Artists

Mixing and matching: Caroline Mak

Photo: Nora Tam

Visual artist Caroline Mak leads a double life. Since 2010, in addition to maintaining her art practice, she has been running a successful beverage company, Brooklyn Soda Works, with her boyfriend, research chemist Antonio Ramos, in New York.

Sunday, 2 June, 2013, 3:44pm

Hong Kong artists are taking their place in the spotlight

Hung Keung with his installation at Art Basel - Hong Kong.Photo: Sam Tsang

Just six years ago, Grotto Fine Art was the sole gallery regularly exhibiting works that were "made in Hong Kong". How that has changed. Although mainland art attracts more interest, Hong Kong artists have been receiving an unprecedented level of attention.

27 May 2013 - 10:56am

Creative forces: Hong Kong's emerging talent

'I need patriarchy because I need war'

A century ago, a 26-year-old Marcel Duchamp challenged the traditional concept of art by turning "found objects" - ordinary items that don't normally attract anyone's attention - into art.

16 May 2013 - 2:43pm