Hong Kong Cricket Sixes

The Hong Kong Cricket Sixes is an annual international cricket tournament held at the Kowloon Cricket Club comprising between eight and twelve teams. Organised by Cricket Hong Kong, it is sanctioned by the International Cricket Council. The tournament is designed for television viewing, with rules and a venue that encourage aggressive batting and high scoring. Because every player (except the wicket-keeper) is required to bowl one over, the format suits all-rounders. In June 2017, Cricket Hong Kong announced that the Hong Kong Sixes will return on 28-29 October following a five-year absence

South Africa captain Aubrey Swanepoel wants to come back for the T20 Blitz after his last ball heroics at the Hong Kong World Sixes on Sunday. Photos: K. Y. Cheng

Hong Kong Sixes stars put their hands up for the Blitz

The successful resurrection of the Hong Kong Sixes has provided the top players with an added benefit beyond the thrill of competing in an innovative tournament and vying for honours – it has also emerged as a showcase for Hong Kong T20 Blitz franchise scouts.