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  • Aug 22, 2014
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Hong Kong students

Education must be a prime focus for Hong Kong

Given that higher education is important to Hong Kong's future competitiveness, the expectations of the city's 15-year-olds give cause for concern. According to figures compiled by Chinese University academics from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2009, only 47.2 per cent thought they would complete a university education.

Monday, 29 April, 2013, 2:06am 1 comment

Hong Kong students return from eight-day trip to North Korea

Twenty-two students from Chinese International School watched teenagers practise military drills in Pyongyang, took photos with "friendly" soldiers in the demilitarised zone and stayed two days in the region of Kaesong.

12 Apr 2013 - 1:02pm 6 comments

Half of students in Hong Kong 'sexually harassed', survey reveals

Half the Hong Kong students in a recent survey said they have been sexually harassed, the Equal Opportunities Commission reported yesterday, criticising the anti-harassment law as a "paper tiger" because it's seldom wielded.

6 Mar 2013 - 8:53am 6 comments