Hosni Mubarak

Egypt’s Mubarak back in court after release from jail

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (centre) and sons Gamal (left) and Alaa sit behind bars at the hearing in Cairo. Photo: AFP

Former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak appeared in court for the first time since his release under house arrest, as a separate court adjourned a hearing of Muslim Brotherhood chiefs.

Tuesday, 27 August, 2013, 3:43am

Victory for Egypt army rulers as Mubarak released from prison

Hosni Mubarak arrives at a military hospital in the nearby southern suburb of Maadi. Photo: EPA

Egypt's former autocrat Hosni Mubarak was flown from jail yesterday in a symbolic victory for an army-dominated old order that has overthrown and imprisoned his elected Islamist successor.

23 Aug 2013 - 10:09am

Egypt court orders release of ex-president Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's ousted President Hosni Mubarak. Photo: Reuters

Deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak will leave jail as early as Thursday after a court ruling that jolted a divided nation already in turmoil seven weeks after the army toppled Islamist President Mohammed Mursi.

21 Aug 2013 - 11:44pm

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak set to be freed from prison

Hosni Mubarak received a life sentence last year. Photo: Reuters

Egypt's disgraced former president Hosni Mubarak will be released from jail soon after prosecutors cleared him in a corruption case, his lawyer said yesterday, dropping a new bombshell on a nation in turmoil.

20 Aug 2013 - 2:09am

Hosni Mubarak's family wealth valued at HK$9.9b

Hosni Mubarak

Authorities in Egypt have valued the wealth of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, his wife and their two sons at nine billion Egyptian pounds (HK$9.94 billion), the state prosecutor said.

It is the first time that an official source has given a figure for the Mubaraks' wealth, the subject of speculation since a popular uprising in February 2011 toppled the regime.

21 Jun 2013 - 11:36pm

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Singapore bloggers to protest online curbs

Singapore bloggers to protest online curbs

8 Jun 2013 - 2:11am

Mubarak appears in fresh trial over protester deaths

 Hosni Mubarak. Photo: AP

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak appeared in court on Saturday to face a new trial for complicity in the murder of hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising, as well as for corruption.

11 May 2013 - 9:17pm

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Former Nepali PM visits Beijing

Stars compete for film awards

13 Apr 2013 - 3:21am

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Raymond Poeteray

Ex-HK consulate official in Dutch spy case

29 Jan 2013 - 1:41am

Mubarak aide Faruq Hosni cleared of corruption charges

Faruq Hosni

Faruq Hosni, who was Egypt's culture minister for more than two decades under ousted president Hosni Mubarak, has been cleared of corruption charges, according to a judicial source.

A criminal court in Cairo "found Faruq Hosni not guilty on charges of corruption and illegal enrichment," the source said.

7 Jan 2013 - 4:40am

Briefs, December 29, 2012

The Beatles arrive in the US for their first visit in 1964.

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi must pay his second wife, Veronica Lario, €3 million (HK$30.8 million) a month in alimony but gets to keep their estate.

29 Dec 2012 - 3:59am

Egypt’s Mubarak back in hospital as health worsens

Hosni Mubarak in June, during a court hearing in Cairo. Photo: AFP

Egypt’s state prosecutor on Thursday ordered imprisoned former dictator Hosni Mubarak transferred to a military hospital after his health deteriorated, a source at the prosecutor’s office said.

Mubarak, serving a life sentence over the killings of protesters, was briefly taken to hospital on December 19 for scans after he fell in his prison bathroom and hurt his head.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Mursi hails charter as ‘new dawn for Egypt’, targets economy

In a televised national address, Mursi said he would reshuffle his government and renewed an offer of dialogue with the largely secular opposition. Photo: AFP

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi on Wednesday hailed an Islamist-backed charter he pushed through despite fierce opposition protests as “a new dawn” for his country, and said he would now tackle a teetering economy.

In a televised national address, Mursi said he would reshuffle his government and renewed an offer of dialogue with the largely secular opposition.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Echoes of Mubarak in defiant Mursi speech as protests continue

Opposition supporters rally to hear former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi speak. Photo: EPA

In a televised speech reminiscent of toppled leader Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi blamed two weeks of political turmoil that have engulfed his nation on "paid elements," and refused to make any concessions to his opponents.

8 Dec 2012 - 5:46am

Egypt's draft constitution vague on specifics

Mursi (right) receives a copy of new constitution. Photo: EPA

The draft constitution on which Egyptians will vote on December 15 is supposed to usher in the kind of democratic reform that demonstrators demanded nearly two years ago in protests that led to the fall of then-president Hosni Mubarak. Yet the rushed document is peppered with caveats and does little to clarify what role government should have in a democratically ruled Egypt.

3 Dec 2012 - 4:24am