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  • Sep 24, 2014
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Hu Jintao

Born in 1942 and Chinese president since 2003, Anhui native Hu Jintao had been posted to Gansu, Guizhou and Tibet during his climb up the party ranks, and first became a member of the Politburo’s standing committee in 1992. He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1964 with a degree in engineering. The Communist Youth League is known to be a staunch supporter of Hu. He retired as General Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee and Chairman of the Party's Central Military Commission during the 18th Party Congress in November 2012, and expected to handover presidency of the PRC to Xi Jinping in the spring of 2013. 


Top headache for China’s new leaders: job creation

The factories that have powered China’s economic miracle are reeling from the global slowdown, presenting the incoming leadership in Beijing with a restless workforce at a defining moment in the country’s growth story.

Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

China’s year of political surprises not over

China’s year of political intrigue is likely to spring a few more surprises yet, as the ruling Communist Party tries to pull off a smooth leadership change next month against a backdrop of purges, plots and prison sentences.

26 Oct 2012 - 2:11pm

PLA leadership changes reflect a fine balancing act

The new leadership line-up for the People's Liberation Army's four general departments, officially unveiled yesterday, shows a fine balance of power between China's three most powerful men and its seven military regions.

26 Oct 2012 - 10:44am

Eco-warrior Liu Futang bears brunt of indifference

The trial of veteran environmentalist Liu Futang in Hainan this month came as a cruel reminder of how little China has moved forwards with regard to environmental justice over the past decade.

25 Oct 2012 - 4:42am 1 comment

Communist Party to ease off on 'Mao thought'

A crucial document setting the Communist Party's direction for the next five years came to light yesterday after general secretary Hu Jintao convened a meeting of the elite Politburo.

23 Oct 2012 - 3:38pm 4 comments

The rise of Xi Jinping, China's next leader

The era of Xi Jinping is dawning. In less than a month's time, he will succeed Hu Jintao as Communist Party general secretary, marking the climax of the once-a-decade leadership succession. In March he will succeed Hu as president. Xi will then rule the world's most populous nation and its second-largest economy for the coming decade.

23 Oct 2012 - 10:50am 3 comments

Cross-strait relations nearing 'deep water zone'

The frosty wind that blew across the Taiwan Strait for decades has warmed considerably in recent years as both Beijing and Taipei focused on areas of agreement rather than dispute.

18 Oct 2012 - 7:22am

Air force commander Xu Qiliang looks set for elevation

The youngest member of the Central Military Commission (CMC), 62-year-old PLA air force commander General Xu Qiliang , is a front runner to become one of the commission's two professional vice-chairmen next month.

16 Oct 2012 - 8:55am

Wang Huning, often seen at the side of two presidents

Whether Hu Jintao is visiting farmers in remote villages or meeting heads of state, Wang Huning is usually by the president's side.

11 Oct 2012 - 10:03am

‘Little Hu’ of Inner Mongolia may play big role in China’s political future

On the remote grasslands of northeastern China, a politician little known in the West has made a name for himself as a rising leader. Hu Chunhua is already talked of by some as a future president.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am