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  • Jan 29, 2015
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China's urbanisation push needs land reform, freer residency rights in cities

Without title to rural land or urban residency, China's new city dwellers are unlikely to feel secure enough to spend as much on consumption as its leaders would like. Photo: Reuters

Tan Yingyu is one of China’s 200 million migrant workers, and like many he is stuck: he does not want to return to his village but also cannot become a legal resident in the city of Chengdu, where he has worked for nearly 20 years.

Monday, 11 November, 2013, 11:18am

Beijing now offers permanent residency at a group discount of HK$125m

Since last year, Beijing has offered a second track to permanent residency in the city. Between investment requirements and limited availability, only 45 people have made the cut so far.

28 Feb 2013 - 11:51am

Multiple identities: a recurring theme in Chinese corruption

With an impending graft crackdown hot on their heels, increasing numbers of Chinese officials are being caught in possession of “multiple identities”.

4 Feb 2013 - 9:26pm

Revealed: emerging trends behind China's anti-corruption drive

Xi Jinping has vowed to crack down on corruption. Photo: AP

Since Xi Jinping took the reins as the party chief last year, he has made several pledges to fight corruption in China.

31 Jan 2013 - 10:25am

Shanxi investigates disciplinary official for double hukou

Zhang Yan's two hukou permits; the one below, listed under the pseudonym "Dong Yan". Photo: SCMP Pictures

Zhang Yan, an official with Yuncheng city’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, was found to have illegally registered more than one household registration permits.

29 Jan 2013 - 2:10pm

Ex-bank official buys properties worth 1b yuan using fake ID

The state banking watchdog is launching an investigation into a former Shanxi bank official after she was accused of using a double residence loophole to buy properties worth millions of yuan, the Beijing Times reported on Saturday.

5 Feb 2013 - 8:43pm 2 comments

Academic outraged at request for hukou in UK visa application

Professor Yu Jianrong. Photo: May Tse

A prominent mainland rural affairs expert has called on the British embassy in Beijing to change its visa-application policies after he was asked to provide a household registration document to travel to the country.

20 Jan 2013 - 7:41am 6 comments

Testing time for China’s migrants as they demand access to education

A security officer stands guard as students and their parents wait outside a school gate before the National College Entrance Exams in Hefei, Anhui province, last year. Photo: Reuters

Dozens of frustrated parents crowded into a Beijing office, surrounding an education official and brandishing copies of the constitution to demand their children be allowed to take an exam.

Mothers and fathers around the world fight to send their children to the best schools they can, in the hopes of drastically improving their futures.

17 Dec 2012 - 3:46pm 1 comment

Guizhou boys' deaths show the misery hukou causes

Kindergarten students writing in their workbooks in a class in Dongba Experimental School, a school for children of migrant workers on the outskirts of Beijing. Photo: EPA

With China's economic growth the focus of national and international attention, it is easy to forget that the enormous changes taking place also have a social impact. Too often, it takes a tragedy to highlight awareness of a problem. The deaths from smoke inhalation of five boys in Guizhou province who lit a fire in a rubbish bin to keep warm have caused a public outcry.

2 Dec 2012 - 5:07am 2 comments

Hu's calls on household registration reform face opposition

A family living in Beijing. About 500 million peasants are expected move from the countryside to cities in the next 20 years. Photo: AP

President Hu Jintao’s calls for faster reforms to the out-of-date household registration system face strong resistance from local government officials, the Jinghua Times reported on Monday.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am