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Swine flu kills 21 but outbreak unlikely to be as deadly this year

Swine flu has killed at least 21 people this year on the mainland, where it has become the predominant strain of the virus.

Saturday, 12 February, 2011, 12:00am

Cold winter will worsen flu season, doctors say

The flu season will be more severe this year than when swine flu surfaced in humans in the city in 2009 because of a colder, longer and drier winter, University of Hong Kong doctors predict.

And lack of certain antibodies in some people is making swine flu deadlier than other flu strains this year, with patients more vulnerable to other bacterial infections.

9 Feb 2011 - 12:00am

Sick office workers reluctant to stay home

Most office employees said they would go to work even if they had flu symptoms, thus increasing the risk of spreading the illness. GlaxoSmithKline commissioned a University of Hong Kong survey of more than 500 working adults and found 83 per cent would work despite being ill. A respondent said he would work while sick so his colleagues would not have to shoulder his workload.

25 Jan 2011 - 12:00am

Elderly woman tested for syndrome after jab

Health officials are investigating whether an 81-year-old woman who received a flu vaccination had developed Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), which can be one of the most severe side effects of the procedure.

19 Jan 2011 - 12:00am

Tests on dead birds found in Kwun Tong

14 Jan 2011 - 12:00am

Japanese poultry imports banned

All applications to import poultry and poultry products from Japan are suspended until further notice after the confirmation of an outbreak of the highly virulent H5 bird flu in Yasugi city, Shimane prefecture. The Centre for Food Safety is seeking further information. Hong Kong imported about 3,800 tonnes of frozen poultry from Japan from January to September this year.

4 Dec 2010 - 12:00am

3 doctors saw man who later died of flu virus

PCCW technician Lui Kwan-hang was examined by three doctors when he complained of feeling unwell - they all told him he had minor flu symptoms, prescribed medication and sent him home.

25 Nov 2010 - 12:00am

Swine flu no longer notifiable disease

Human swine flu was removed from the government's list of statutorily notifiable infectious diseases yesterday, it was announced. Recent data shows the activity of the virus has decreased and that the human swine flu virus is no longer the dominant flu strain, a Department of Health spokesman said.

9 Oct 2010 - 12:00am