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In wide-ranging columns appearing twice a week, David Dodwell, executive director of the Hong Kong-Apec Trade Policy Group, strives to understand and describe the distinctive characteristics at the heart of Hong Kong's continuing competitive advantages. It promises to be a fascinating journey as he seeks to understand and describe the forces that have shaped and are changing Hong Kong, and the role it is playing for China and in the region as we move steadily closer to 2047. 

Empirically, there is little evidence to underpin the claim that globalisation faces a life-threatening crisis

The end of globalisation? Chinese companies haven’t heard about it

Stephen King, the tousled imagineer whose day job is senior economic adviser to HSBC, swept through Hong Kong this week with a new book and a predictably grabbing message: the West’s 70-year love affair with globalisation and free trade is under threat as “localism” infects the politics of Europe