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  • Sep 21, 2014
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International Taxation

Minister dragged deeper into row

The wife of development chief Paul Chan Mo-po refused yesterday to disclose the ownership details of her company, which is under fire for owning unauthorised subdivided flats - even as more land records pointed to her possible role in subleasing the apartments.

Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 10:58pm

Brushing up on tax rules

CTA Qualifying Exam CityU SCOPE

With the rapid increase in global trade and investment in recent years, tax administration is now more than a localised business.

The fast-changing tax regulations in different regions have made taxation a specialised profession, and the market demand for professionals has been surging.

6 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

'Abstract science' proves taxing for E&Y director

Jonathan Thompson (left), director for financial services - transfer pricing at Ernst & Young (E&Y), started off as a graduate trainee in the firm's London branch. After becoming a chartered accountant, he was moved to the E&Y UK financial services transfer pricing (FSTP) team.

6 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

Family forum key to success

Successful entrepreneurs and high-net-worth investors generally take tough meetings and strategic decisions in their stride.

Often, though, there is a marked reluctance to do just that when the issues at hand relate to succession planning - passing on wealth, investments and, possibly, control of the business to members of the next generation.

7 May 2012 - 12:00am

Spirit of the law? It means the whim of a bureaucrat

'They haven't actually broken the law, but they haven't acted according to its spirit,' British Treasury minister David Gauke told BBC Radio 4. 'I suspect the bank in question is regretting what it has done. It's not going to do them any reputational good. They will have difficult explanations to some of their customers.'

Bloomberg, SCMP, February 29

1 Mar 2012 - 12:00am

HK to gain from revised US tax law, expert says

Hong Kong stands to gain from recent amendments of a new US tax law that cracks down on non-US financial institutions that help Americans hide their wealth, a tax expert says.

The United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act takes effect next year and seeks to prevent US citizens or permanent residents from shirking their tax obligations by using offshore accounts.

26 Feb 2012 - 12:00am


Bernard Poon President - Greater China CPA Australia

Poon is a managing director and the transaction advisory services leader for Hong Kong and Macau at Ernst & Young Transactions. He has nearly 20 years of experience working in the sector. In his new role, Poon will lead the division's members to succeed in their professional career and serve the community.

21 Jan 2012 - 12:00am

Treaty on tax good news for French

Good news for Hong Kong's French community: a treaty to eliminate double taxation between the two places takes effect next year.

It means French residents of Hong Kong who have deep ties in both places will no longer face the possibility of having their income taxed twice, with clear guidelines defining which of the two jurisdictions someone needs to pay tax in.

17 Dec 2011 - 12:00am

HK gaining favour as place to start up

Hong Kong and Singapore are catching up with the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands as the preferred places for companies to register, a survey has found.

Offshore Incorporations Ltd (OIL), which sells offshore shell companies, said more multinationals would set up in Hong Kong and Singapore in the next five to 10 years.

8 Dec 2011 - 12:00am

Buyers' tax tips

Profits from the sale of property is not taxable as it is a capital gain. But if a person is deemed to be trading in properties, gains from the sale become income and are taxable.

Criteria to determine whether tax is due include frequency of transactions, reasons for acquiring and selling property and holding period.

30 Nov 2011 - 12:00am