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  • Dec 20, 2014
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Internet Security

Snowden's message was 'Big Brother and everyone else is watching', says security expert

Edward Snowden's revelations of cyberspying were a wake-up call for firms complacent about their internet security. Photo: AFP

Outspoken security expert Michael Gazeley has long said many businesses in Hong Kong are ill-prepared against internet threats.

Tuesday, 14 January, 2014, 12:25pm

Is invisible web surfing an illusion?

Is invisible web surfing an illusion?

Could there soon be a data black hole threatening the internet economy?

10 May 2013 - 7:32am

Ins and outs of a hacker's life is as dull as office work

Ins and outs of a hacker's life is as dull as office work

Hackers range from children playing with computers to virtual hitmen, who destroy corporate data for a fee. Armies and governments also employ hackers to collect intelligence and secure their networks.

21 Apr 2013 - 4:39am

Spotlight on China's hackers after accusations against PLA unit 61398

Illustration: Joe Lo

Since Mandiant, a US information technology security firm, sparked controversy by blaming a special unit of the People's Liberation Army for launching a series of cyberattacks on US companies, the shadowy world of hackers in China has been in the spotlight. Their activities have become a focal point of Sino-US relations.

21 Apr 2013 - 4:39am 1 comment

How they see it

US internet security firm Mandiant accused Chinese army of cyberattacks against US websites. Photo: Reuters

The US internet security firm Mandiant claimed cyberattacks against US websites were traced to a building in Shanghai owned by the Chinese army. 

24 Feb 2013 - 1:50am

Hackers are the new James Bond

The US quickly pointed to China as being behind recent on-line assaults against prominent American media organisations. Photo: AP

When we think of spies, James Bond comes most readily to mind. But the spying game has changed markedly since the fictional British super-sleuth entered popular conscience more than half a century ago. Espionage is now most likely to take place over the internet, where there are few regulations, insurmountable terrain does not exist and, for the most determined hacker, anything is possible.

5 Feb 2013 - 6:04am 1 comment

Hacking incidents ignite fears over China

A masked hacker hacks the French presidential Elysee Palace website. Photo: AFP

A series of brazen cyberattacks on America’s most high-profile media outlets has revived concerns over Chinese hackers, who analysts say are likely linked to the secretive Beijing government.

2 Feb 2013 - 10:14am 1 comment

Scientists find cheaper way to ensure security on the internet

Scientists at Toshiba and Cambridge University have perfected a technique that offers a less expensive way to ensure the security of the high-speed fibre optic cables that are the backbone of the modern internet.

25 Nov 2012 - 3:32am

Internet surveillance needs to strike a balance

Governments around the world appear be nosing deeper into what their citizens do on the internet these days. According to the latest report by Google, their demands for data on private accounts have increased, up from 18,257 in the second half of last year to 20,938 in the first six months of this year.

24 Nov 2012 - 3:03am

'Arms race' in bid to protect information

When Michael Gazeley hears of incidents like the recent attack on the stock exchange website, his first reaction is usually one of surprise. Not at the gall or ingenuity of the perpetrators, but at the latest target's apparent lack of knowledge and preparedness.

5 Sep 2011 - 12:00am

On guard

Pounce on those annoying, unpredictable online threats - viruses, worms, spam and spyware - with the new edition of F-Secure Internet Security.

22 Jul 2007 - 12:00am

Safe surfing for lucky winners

The South China Morning Post and Symantec would like to congratulate the 15 lucky winners of the Norton Internet Security 2006 giveaway.

The winners are Ramesh Chugani, William Loong, May Chau, Samuel Pak, Naresh Vaswani, Michael Wong, Lam King-fai, Darshna Patel, Raymond Chang, Chang Lam Shing-wai, Natalie Sheung, Chengzhe Lao, Andrew Lupton, Ainslie Cheung and Onward Lam.

13 Mar 2006 - 12:00am