June 4th protests

June 4 marks the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and has become a day of peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong. In early 1989, students in Beijing led demonstrations against China's central government calling for greater freedoms. In the early hours of June 4, the military moved in to remove the demonstrators. An unconfirmed number of unarmed civilians were killed in the crackdown.

A soldier stands guard in front of a portrait of Mao Zedong in Tiananmen Square. Where are the events in Beijing remembering the military crackdown on pro-democracy students on June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square? Photo: Simon Song

When will Beijing have the courage to mark June 4?

Beijing’s decision to hold a series of high-profile events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the “228 Incident”, in which thousands of Taiwanese were killed by China’s then Kuomintang government, is a welcome development, despite its ridiculous argument behind the decision.