Just Saying

Yonden Lhatoo started his journalism career in print, covering the far-reaching changes Hong Kong went through before and during the city’s handover to China, as a senior newspaper reporter.

He switched to broadcast journalism after the transfer of sovereignty in 1997 and worked as a television news anchor and editor for nearly two decades. He was the main anchor and editor-in-chief of ATV’s English news department until his prodigal return to print in April 2015, when he joined the South China Morning Post as senior editor.

Apart from his editing duties, he regularly moderates forums and seminars on current affairs for the Post, and has extensive experience covering Hong Kong’s economic, political and social landscape. He has publicly written, spoken and taught about Hong Kong issues, but is still trying to figure it all out. 

He also enjoys writing this weekly column, which often raises eyebrows or sparks heated discussions on the internet because he doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is.
As a reader once put it, “He (depending on the week/moon/weather) hates expats, mainlanders, protesters, non-protesters, kids, adults, Chinese, non-Chinese and probably cute kittens." Yonden denies all of it, especially the part about kittens.