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  • Mar 1, 2015
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Uncultivated Brits

I refer to Paul Harris' curious letter on the abuse of military power ('Classic reminder of power in world politics,' Post, September 16). Mr Harris suggests that the use of superior force, without legal justification, signifies a lack of cultivation.

Friday, 20 September, 2002, 12:00am

Unacceptable extravagance

I read with interest the report discussing the English School Foundation's (ESF) purchase of an $18.5 million, 28,000-square-foot flat (South China Morning Post, February 23).

Although I agree with the ESF that at present it is better to buy than lease, I can see no justification for the purchase of this particular property.

4 Mar 2000 - 12:00am

Statement on rich patients policy misattributed

I refer to the article by Ella Lee 'Fees policy unjustified' (South China Morning Post, May 3).

4 May 1999 - 12:00am

No justification for atrocity

I FELT shock when I read the story headlined, ''Britain in shock over shopping centre blasts'' (South China Morning Post, March 22), about the IRA bomb which exploded in the northern English town of Warrington, killing a three-year-old boy and injuring 56 people.

26 Mar 1993 - 12:00am

Angered by ethnic snobbery

P. K. LEE has written another outrageous letter to your paper (February 9).

11 Feb 1993 - 12:00am