Kai Tak sports hub

Funding decision for Kai Tak sports complex 'is best move', say sports chiefs

One artist's impression of the Kai Tak sports complex. Photo: SCMP Pictures

The government's decision to foot the total estimated HK$19 billion cost of the Kai Tak sports complex will save time and money, top Hong Kong sports officials said.

Tuesday, 28 January, 2014, 5:20pm 2 comments

We need bigger stadium - and fast

Brian Stevenson, president of the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union. Photo: Nora Tam

The government's feet-dragging over building the new Kai Tak sports hub is the biggest worry for rugby as "capacity constraints" at Hong Kong Stadium begin to have a harmful effect on the growth of the Sevens, says Brian Stevenson, president of the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union.

17 Mar 2013 - 7:35am

Left Field: How chief executive can win some friends through sport

The Kai Tak sports hub.

It's in our nature to believe the grass is always greener elsewhere. And these feelings peak at the turn of a new year. On New Year's Day, tens of thousands of people took part in a protest calling for the resignation of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. And one of the main calls from the demonstrators was for more democracy.

6 Jan 2013 - 3:06am

Hong Kong rugby chief spells out grand vision

An artist's impression of the proposed sports hub at Kai Tak.

Rugby league and even American football are on the cards once the state-of-the-art 50,000-seater stadium is built at Kai Tak, says the enterprising Hong Kong Rugby Football Union.

18 Nov 2012 - 3:55am

Bring Asian Games to Hong Kong in 2023, says top official

Hong Kong should bid for the 2023 Asian Games, a senior sports official said after the Olympic Council of Asia decided the host city for the 2019 Games yesterday.

The vice president of the Hong Kong Olympic Committee, Vivien Lau Chiang-chu, said: "We will have all sports infrastructure, including the Kai Tak sports hub, ready by 2023 and, timing-wise, it will just be perfect."

9 Nov 2012 - 2:40am

Government must justify tearing up agreed plans

Kai Tak planning review.

Supplying more land to meet housing needs is easier said than done in a small city like Hong Kong. Having pledged to provide adequate affordable housing for the people in his election campaign, Leung Chun-ying finds himself under pressure to deliver. The move to review the land use decided by his predecessor at the former Kai Tak airport is, therefore, understandable.

4 Nov 2012 - 3:36am

Wrong thinking on the future of Kai Tak

Amid debate about a sports hub and housing, some plots at Kai Tak have been set aside for commercial and office use. Photo: Nora Tam

Kai Tak is in the news again, with individuals and organisations debating the pros and cons of dedicating land to housing or a sports hub.

Given that developing the space formerly occupied by the old airport is bound to take many years, we may have to become accustomed to articles debating the merits of various uses for the land. But the arguments recently have been unconvincing.

31 Oct 2012 - 3:08am

Left field: Sports hub change deterred, but official explanation murky

The Kai Tak sports hub has three stadiums, a 50,000-seat one with a retractable roof, another with 6,000 seats and a 5,000-seat indoor one.

The U-turn came as quickly as the initial move to test the waters on how the sports community would react to plans to shelve the sports hub at Kai Tak and move it to the boondocks in North Lantau.

28 Oct 2012 - 3:24am

Kai Tak sports complex will go ahead

The Kai Tak sports hub has three stadiums, a 50,000-seat one with a retractable roof, another with 6,000 seats and a 5,000-seat indoor one.

The sports complex planned for Kai Tak will not be sacrificed for more housing, the government announced yesterday.

The city's sports chiefs were in uproar and threatened to take to the streets after a government housing adviser suggested the two stadiums and other facilities planned for the old airport site should be relocated to Lantau Island to make way for more flats.

27 Oct 2012 - 2:55am

Lam dismisses Kai Tak housing rumours

Rendering of Kai Tak Sports City. Photo: SCMP Picture

The government will stick to its original plan to build a sports complex in Kai Tak, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Friday, after several days’ uncertainty on the issue.

Lam dismissed speculation in media reports this week that the planned sports complex would be moved away from Kai Tak to make way for the construction of more homes there.

26 Oct 2012 - 5:41pm

How did the darling of the 'ugly colonial era' survive?

Quiet nights under the stars

There's been some response from readers to our report of Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee's exchange with Paul Zimmerman on Facebook. She, it will be recalled, erupted when he addressed her as "darling". Ip exclaimed, "But I cannot stand Zimmerman 'darling' me. Really this sort of patronising remark really makes me sick. Reminds me of the ugly colonial era."

26 Oct 2012 - 2:50am

HKRFU chairman urges government not to abandon Kai Tak stadium plan

Trevor Gregory

Top rugby official Trevor Gregory has urged the government to unequivocally back building the Kai Tak sports hub so that the ambition of hosting games in the 2019 Rugby World Cup can be kept alive.

26 Oct 2012 - 3:06am

Remark on Kai Tak sports hub relocation a ‘personal opinion’

Housing adviser Michael Choi Ngai-min (left, with Albert Lee Kwok-wing). Photo: Sam Tsang

A housing adviser was not testing the water for the government when he suggested moving a planned world-class sports complex from Kai Tak to Lantau, he said on Wednesday.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Uproar from sports bodies over plan to shift Kai Tak stadium to Lantau

The Kai Tak stadium on the planning map. The land could be used to provide room for more homes, some ministers have been suggesting.

Hong Kong's top sports officials have hit out strongly at the government for looking to move the proposed sports hub at Kai Tak to Sunny Bay on Lantau Island, saying it would be going back on the promise to provide the city with a world-class sporting and recreational centre.

23 Oct 2012 - 2:58am

Sport official warns of protests if hub moves to Lantau

Proposed design for the new Kai Tak sport hub.  Photo: SCMP Picture

Athletes and sports officials will take to the streets in protest if the government moves the proposed Kai Tak sports hub to Lantau Island, sports official Victor Hui warned on Monday.

22 Oct 2012 - 8:58pm 3 comments