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  • Apr 21, 2014
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KMB justifies fare hike

In their letters, Kenny Pun Tsz-him ("A well-worn path for KMB fare hikes", December 7) and Pun Ka-hung ("Driven to distraction by KMB claims", December 8) question the need for KMB to raise fares.

Wednesday, 11 December, 2013, 3:32am 3 comments

Letters to the Editor, May 17, 2013

Blame tycoons, not dockers, for social ills

Joyce Hung says that the logistics sector has been hurt by the dockers' strike and says we all have a responsibility to try to create a harmonious community ("'Success' for strikers has hurt society", May 10).

17 May 2013 - 3:17am 3 comments

Some KMB routes inefficient

KMB fully realises that it is not an ordinary business, but a company providing an essential public service to more than 2.5 million passengers per day.

14 Mar 2013 - 2:59am 1 comment

KMB plans route reorganisation to ease congestion, cut emissions

The Kowloon Motor Bus Company will reorganise its bus lines in Northern District this summer in the first stage of a territory-wide bus route reorganisation, the transport secretary said on Thursday.

Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung said the reorganisation would involve cutting or merging underused and overlapping lines to increase efficiency.

7 Mar 2013 - 9:26pm

Misinformation on KMB

I refer to Albert Cheng's column ("Fare's fair: property development profits and bus fare rises cannot go together", March, 1), which contains misinformation that needs to be clarified.

5 Mar 2013 - 3:59am

Letters to the Editor, March 1, 2013

I read with shock the news that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Hong Kong is axing the HK$500 a month it currently pays out to refugees. How can this be? Is the UNHCR broke?

1 Mar 2013 - 3:32am

Property development profits and bus fare rises do not go together

KMB's deputy managing director, Evan Auyang, said that the government had not supplied land at below-market rates for the company to build staff quarters and bus depots. He also defended KMB's operating policies concerning its property development and its advertising business, RoadShow.

1 Mar 2013 - 3:32am 1 comment

Clarifying KMB's land deals

I refer to the article by Albert Cheng ("Government must stop private firms getting a free ride on public money", February 22) which contains misinformation and misunderstanding that need to be corrected.

The article wrongly states that the government has supplied plots of land at below-market rates for KMB to build staff quarters and bus depots.

26 Feb 2013 - 3:57am

KMB fare rise shows need to nationalise bus firms

Hong Kong has always been known for its speed and efficiency, but not this government. So it was surprising to see that the Executive Council, led by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, had moved at lightning speed to approve a fare-increase application from Kowloon Motor Bus within three months.

22 Feb 2013 - 4:04am 4 comments

KMB fare increase cut to 4.9pc, due in March

The government has slashed an 8.5 per cent fare rise request by Kowloon Motor Bus to 4.9 per cent, but pledged to help the loss-making company change some of its routes.

The decision to cut back the increase was taken with public affordability in mind, Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung Bing-leung said on Tuesday.

19 Feb 2013 - 11:50pm