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  • Nov 28, 2014
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Lamma ferry disaster

Lamma ferry disaster

Thirty-nine people were killed when a boat owned by Hongkong Electric collided with a ferry off Lamma Island on October 1, 2012. The power firm was taking staff to see the National Day fireworks display in Victoria Harbour when disaster struck, plunging more than 100 people into the dark waters. It was the deadliest boat accident in Hong Kong in 40 years.

Relatives of Lamma boat victims slam government over '180 degree' turn

Relatives of the Lamma ferry disaster victims have criticised the government for failing to hold anyone responsible for the tragedy a year ago today, despite a year-long investigation.

Tuesday, 1 October, 2013, 4:24am

Slow going on safety improvements a year after Lamma ferry disaster

The tragedy off Lamma Island a year ago today put the spotlight on a host of safety problems, poor practices at the Marine Department and an industry that failed to comply with the law.

1 Oct 2013 - 10:16am

Experts insist training must improve in the wake of Lamma ferry disaster

Radar training for seafarers should be brought up to date and made easier to access in the wake of the Lamma tragedy, the manager of the city's only government-subsidised training school for sailors said.

1 Oct 2013 - 4:24am

Must tragedies, like last year's marine disaster, be our teacher?

Last year, Hong Kong was hit by one of the worst maritime disasters in its history. Thirty-nine people were killed when a ferry en route to watch the National Day fireworks collided with another vessel near Lamma Island. Since then, the tragedy has put the spotlight on a host of safety and bureaucracy issues. A year has passed. One would have thought the problems would have been fixed. The culprits are punished and many of those who were traumatised have moved on. But, sadly, much remains undone.

30 Sep 2013 - 5:52am

Hero's instincts took over as world turned upside down

It was National Day last year. And what was supposed to be a family outing with friends to see the fireworks display in Victoria Harbour became a nightmare for Lee Ming-sun as he tried to keep his family alive in one of Hong Kong's worst maritime disasters.

26 Aug 2013 - 5:50am 2 comments

Lamma IV owner fined just HK$900 for under-manned boat

Hongkong Electric was fined HK$900 yesterday for deploying three crew members instead of the required four on board the ill-fated Lamma IV, whose sinking on October 1 claimed 39 lives.

20 Aug 2013 - 10:43am

High Court adjourns ship surveyor's bid to overturn Lamma disaster findings

A High Court judge on Monday adjourned for 30 days the application by a retired Marine Department surveyor seeking a judicial review that he hopes will overturn the findings of a commission that investigated last year’s Lamma Island ferry disaster.

20 Aug 2013 - 5:21am

Boat had too few crew, Lamma ferry court hears

One of the vessels involved in last year's Lamma ferry tragedy did not have enough crew members at the time of the accident, a court heard yesterday.

The Marine Department charged the Hongkong Electric Company, which was the owner of the Lamma IV, with being the owner of a local vessel that did not have enough qualified crew on board.

6 Aug 2013 - 11:32am

Lamma ferry disaster report shell-shocks Marine Department staff

Morale among some Marine Department staff is so low after severe criticism of their role in the Lamma ferry disaster that they are like "birds startled by the mere twang of a bowstring", according to retired department official Wong Chi-kin.

27 Jul 2013 - 3:16am

Missing door 'not cause of sinking' in Lamma ferry tragedy

The lack of a watertight door did not lead to the rapid sinking of a Hongkong Electric launch that claimed 39 lives in last year's National Day maritime disaster, a retired Marine Department principal surveyor told the South China Morning Post.

27 Jul 2013 - 5:31am 2 comments

Challenge to 'unfair' Lamma ferry disaster findings

A retired Marine Department ship surveyor is seeking a judicial review that he hopes will overturn a damning report which found serious failings on the part of the department over the Lamma ferry disaster that killed 39 people last year.

25 Jul 2013 - 4:53am

New marine safety measures set for next year

Five new measures to improve marine safety after the Lamma Island tragedy will take effect next year.

23 Jul 2013 - 3:15am

Hong Kong's maritime management all at sea

In spite of the importance for Hong Kong of its port and shipping centre roles, all is not well in the jurisdiction of maritime affairs. The attitude of the Marine Department to the Lamma IV disaster is extremely disturbing and cries out for independent investigation, not the light touch expected from fellow bureaucrats of the Transport and Housing Bureau.

2 Jun 2013 - 3:59am 4 comments

Lamma ferry victims' families not happy with marine head's apology

People who lost loved ones in the October 1 Lamma Island ferry tragedy criticised as "belated, insincere and involuntary" the Marine Department chief's first public apology yesterday.

One victim's relative, who requested anonymity, rejected Francis Liu Hon-por's apology, which he said was the result of political pressure.

28 May 2013 - 7:42am

Marine chief Francis Liu apologises over Lamma ferry disaster

Marine Department chief Francis Liu Hon-por finally bowed and officially apologised yesterday for the Lamma Island ferry disaster, as the Transport and Housing Bureau took control of an inquiry into whether any government officials should be held responsible for the tragedy.

28 May 2013 - 7:42am 2 comments