Liancourt rocks

Dokdo - Takeshima are a group of small islets located in the waters between South Korea and Japan which both countries claim sovereignty over. The islets are called Dokdo in South Korea and Takeshima in Japan. The dispute over who owns the 0.19-square-kilometre territory continues to raise tensions in Japan-South Korean political relations.  

Yoshitami Kameoka, Parliamentary Secretary of Japan's Cabinet Office, delivers a speech at the ceremony for the Day of Takeshima. Photo: AFP

Seoul protests Tokyo's honouring of 'incorporation' of disputed islets

The protest to Hisashi Michigami, minister at the Japanese embassy in Seoul, followed the event in Matsue, the capital of the western Japan prefecture of Shimane, on Saturday, attended by Yoshitami Kameoka, parliamentary secretary with the central government's Cabinet Office.