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Living with the dead: the cemetery shacks of Phnom Penh

Doeum Sleng, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Thousands of Cambodia's most destitute have taken up residence in the capital city's cemeteries, turning them into makeshift villages that are breeding grounds for disease and abuse.

Saturday, 7 February, 2015, 10:25pm

A peek inside Dolce & Gabbana's glamorous Alta Moda show in Milan

Dolce & Gabbana presented its spring-summer 2015 Alta Moda collection at Milan's La Scala Theatre

Dolce & Gabbana's spring-summer Alta Moda show was held in Milan's La Scala Theatre and fittingly, their collection was all about drama, from strapless gowns with huge tulle skirts to gem-encrusted ballet flats.

6 Feb 2015 - 3:51pm

Laurence Xu's part in Paris couture week shows Chinese designer's global vision

A look from Xu's collection.  Photo: Guillaume Roujas

6 Feb 2015 - 6:05am

Designer Olivia von Halle talks silk pyjamas, Coco Chanel and Shanghai

Olivia von Halle

The designer who conceived her chic silk pyjama label while living in Shanghai talks about how China remains at the root of her brand

6 Feb 2015 - 6:00am

Valentine's Day guide for singles: how to love yourself

Illustration: Bay Leung

You know who really needs some love this year? You do. So here's a guide to Valentine's Day in Hong Kong for the unattached.

5 Feb 2015 - 2:03pm

100Most - a satirical weekly that's a hit with Hong Kong's Occupy generation

100Most founders (from left) Lam Yat-hei, Iu Kar-ho, aka "Ah Bu", and Luk Ka-chun, aka "Chan Keung". Photo: Edward Wong

At a time when publishers are battered by falling ad revenues and readers increasingly expect free content, the weekly 100Most is a marvel. It began in March 2013 and quickly gained popularity for its irreverence, acid humour and ability to tap into current youth culture.

2 Feb 2015 - 10:31am

Colon cancer linked to viruses in beef, Nobel-winning scientist contends

Light micrograph showing cervical cancer cells. Photo: Corbis

Could that juicy burger you're about to sink your teeth into contain viruses that cause colon cancer? Harald zur Hausen suspects so. The Nobel laureate contends that the consumption of beef-borne viruses carried by certain species of cattle could be contributing to rising colorectal cancer rates in some countries.

2 Feb 2015 - 6:19am 1 comment

Stem cells used to grow hair; hormone inhibitor reduces sex drive

Stem cells used to grow hair; hormone inhibitor reduces sex drive

Stem cells used to grow new hair

2 Feb 2015 - 6:14am

International Test of English Proficiency offers low-cost tests over the internet

As the demand for learning English, the world's lingua franca, stays strong, the market for English testing is also growing.

Perry Akins, an American, ventured into that area five years ago and offered an alternative to students aiming to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English-Language Testing System (IELTS).

2 Feb 2015 - 6:12am 1 comment

University Grants Committee rankings not meant to establish a pecking order

Chinese University did well in the UGC rankings. Photo: Felix Wong

Rankings of tertiary institutions often grab attention. So it's no surprise that a recent exercise undertaken by the University Grants Committee (UGC) to gauge the research performance of our eight publicly funded institutions made headlines.

2 Feb 2015 - 6:00am

Play list: Austin Fry, Chef-Entrepreneur

Austin Fry

What I’m listening to: as I’m writing this, I’m listening to Jamie Lidell. I like to think I’m a bit of a soul man, so when I run into someone current who hits that chord, I get really excited.

31 Jan 2015 - 11:47pm

Breaking Bad actor Bill Burr defends free speech ahead of Hong Kong comedy show

Bill Burr. Photo: AFP

With free speech a hot topic, HK-bound stand-up Bill Burr tells David Major he won't change his routine.

2 Feb 2015 - 11:10am

Big-budget space opera Jupiter Ascending required leaps of faith from its stars

Jupiter Ascending features scenes of epic scale as well as more intimate moments focusing on the relationship between Channing Tatum's alien and Mila Kunis as an earth woman who needs his protection (below).

The Wachowskis are hoping their space opera Jupiter Ascending will give them a hit after a series of disappointments, writes Kavita Daswani.

31 Jan 2015 - 11:47pm

How Wild star Reese Witherspoon was stretched by director's stripped-down style

In Wild, Reese Witherspoon's character, Cheryl Strayed, hikes the Pacific Crest Trail on a painful voyage of self discovery.

Jean-Marc Vallee's no-frills directing style gets the best out of his actors, writes Rebecca Keegan.

31 Jan 2015 - 11:47pm

Marilyn Manson has risen again with new sound and new album The Pale Emperor

He's still dark and broody, but Marilyn Manson's sound is less of an industrial howl onThe Pale Emperor, his well-received new album.

A change in style has Marilyn Manson on top again with The Pale Emperor, writes August Brown.

31 Jan 2015 - 11:47pm