Lion Rock Country Park

Wild monkey troop scares bus passengers

Up to 40 wild monkeys triggered panic among passengers who had just got out of a bus near Lion Rock Country park yesterday afternoon.

The monkeys rushed towards the passengers at a bus stop in Hung Mui Kuk Road near World Wide Gardens.

Thursday, 25 November, 2004, 12:00am

Hiker fights off knife attacker

A man was stabbed in Golden Hill Country Park yesterday while hiking. But despite being injured in the leg and chest he managed to overpower his assailant with the help of a friend.

The two men, both aged 19, and their two female companions were walking near Shek Lei Pui reservoir at the time.

15 Mar 2004 - 12:00am

Police safety message for hikers

More than 80 police officers were sent to Tai Tam country park at the weekend to encourage hikers to take extra safety measures after a number of robberies recently.

During a two-day operation that ended last night, officers from the Aberdeen division and the Police Tactical Unit handed out pamphlets on safety designed to help deter crime in remote areas.

8 Mar 2004 - 12:00am

Hikers robbed in country park

A young married couple were robbed at knifepoint yesterday while hiking in a country park in Kowloon, the second such crime in a week.

The couple, both 25, told police they were near the peak of Lion Rock in Lion Rock country park when two men threatened them with a military knife about 11.30am. They said the robbers spoke Putonghua and were dressed like mainlanders.

7 Mar 2004 - 12:00am

City Briefs

Massive police search for country park robbers

29 Jan 2004 - 12:00am

$75,000 answer to a pesky problem

A $75,000 trap the size of a living room has been unveiled as the latest weapon against Hong Kong's booming monkey population.

The trap - designed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council - will be set up in Tai Wai, but officials are trying to work out exactly where to place it to catch the largest number of wild monkeys.

26 Mar 2003 - 12:00am

Monkey hit by car

A monkey died when she was hit by a car in Tai Po Road near Lion Rock Country Park. Police chased away a baby monkey, which refused to leave the body, to stop it being knocked down by traffic.

29 Dec 2000 - 12:00am

Monkey feeding to be banned

Feeding monkeys is to be banned and offenders fined up to $10,000 in a move to contain their rapid growth.

From the end of the month, feeding would be banned in five regions - Tai Po Kau Special Area, Shing Mun, Kam Shan and Lion Rock country parks and part of Tai Mo Shan Country Park, the Agriculture and Fisheries Department said.

21 Jul 1999 - 12:00am