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Deadly bus arson fuels debate on social ills

Forty-two people died and 33 others were injured after the bus burst into flames in Xiamen on June 7, 2013. Photo: Xinhua

Mainland media revealed more details last week about the life of Chen Shuizong, the arsonist who killed himself and 46 other passengers this month in a bus fire in Xiamen.

Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 2:25am

Chinese media picture Xi at home on world stage

A relaxed Xi Jinping with US President Barack Obama. Obama says military ties have lagged behind talks on other issues. Photo: AP

It may be too early to deduce whether Xi Jinping has established his global standing with the audience at home, but mainland media outlets said he had succeeded in telling the world of China's importance and impact on America's role in the Asia- Pacific.

9 Jun 2013 - 6:34am

Social order officers' violence hits home

A street hawker in Guizhou province was allegedly beaten to death by chengguan in 2011.

Stories about chengguan - officers employed by city urban administrative and law enforcement bureaus - beating up street vendors are nothing new, but when a video showing one in Yanan , Shaanxi , stamping on a vendor's head was circulated online last week, it sparked surprise and anger.

18 Jul 2013 - 2:59pm 1 comment

People's Daily's anti-American rant backfires as Chinese teen trashes ancient Egyptian temple

A Nanjing teenager scratched the words 'Ding Jinhao was here' in Chinese characters on a 35-century-old sculpture at the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. Photo: AP

A Nanjing teenager's act of vandalism - he scratched the words "Ding Jinhao was here" in Chinese characters on a 35-century-old sculpture - struck a raw nerve in a in a country so proud of its ancient civilisation. And, embarrassingly, it followed an astonishing attack by the Communist Party mouthpiece that labelled Americans untrustworthy and lacking in integrity.

2 Jun 2013 - 3:59am 2 comments

Nepotism puts system for promotions in spotlight

Yuan Huizhong

A dragon begets a dragon, a phoenix begets a phoenix and the son of a mouse is good at digging holes, goes the Chinese idiom. Sadly, however, a culture of nepotism in the promotion of young officials has caused overwhelming public disgust.

26 May 2013 - 4:35am 4 comments

Doubts criminal law has teeth to protect minors from sex predators

News that yet another teacher has been accused of molesting students - this a time a primary school principal in Hainan - sparked soul-searching media commentaries on how the mainland's school system and the criminal law itself had failed to protect minors.

19 May 2013 - 3:55am

Police under fire as petitioners call on Washington for help

We The People, US government's public website

In recent days, tens of thousands of mainlanders have signed a petition to the US government's public website, We The People, calling on the Obama administration to intervene in the two-decade-old poisoning case and help bring the suspect, believed to be living in the US, to justice.

12 May 2013 - 4:00am 1 comment

Chinese editorials flay study that showed domestic baby formula safe

A shopper browses cans of baby formula displayed in a pharmacy in Hong Kong. Few mainlanders trust the Chinese study that showed domestic infant formula is safe. Photo: Bloomberg

Many mainlanders saw the recent announcement by the China Dairy Industry Association that domestic milk powder is better than imported products as nothing more than propaganda.

7 May 2013 - 4:24pm 1 comment

Call for probe into rise, and fall, of 25-year-old mayor in Jining

Han Dongya and Han Han.

Han Han, the 25-year-old mayor of a town in Jining, Shandong, quit her job last Sunday at the same time her father stepped down from an important post on the city's Communist Party committee amid online accusations she had climbed the bureaucratic ladder quickly because of her father.

28 Apr 2013 - 5:02am

Poisoning, death of Fudan student recalls disturbing case of Zhu Ling

Huang Yang, a postgraduate student in Fudan University's medical school in Shanghai, died after he drank water that was allegedly poisoned by his roommate. Photo: Xinhua

The strange and tragic death by poisoning of a postgraduate student - possibly by his room-mate - at a prestigious university in Shanghai last week prompted editorials across the nation.

21 Apr 2013 - 4:56am

Questions fly thick and fast over delay in bird flu report

Workers catch pigeons in People's Square as a precaution against bird flu in Shanghai. Photo: EPA

Memories of the 2002-03 Sars epidemic are deeply embedded in the mainland psyche. While just about everyone learned about severe acute respiratory syndrome, which killed 774 people worldwide, from the news media, they also remember that mainland officials hid the growing toll from the public for weeks before a wave of deaths and rumours forced authorities to reveal the scale of the epidemic.

7 Apr 2013 - 1:42am

How reality has pierced through China's 'happiest 30 minutes' on television

Screen grabs from Xinwen Lianbo that show (clockwise from top left) a woman complaining about food inflation; a bare-bottomed infant appears during then Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's visit to a village in Inner Mongolia; a meeting about a demolition project; and smog in a mainland city. Photos: SCMP

Mainland internet users sarcastically dubbed China Central Television's (CCTV) nightly prime-time newscast, Xinwen Lianbo, the "happiest 30 minutes" on television, but there are now fewer smiles than before.

4 Apr 2013 - 8:52am 1 comment

Papers flay regulator for not publicising baby formula tampering

Xile Lier was accused of changing sell-by dates on packaging, mixing products and relabeling formula for older babies as more expensive milk for younger children. Photo: AFP

News on a Swiss-owned brand of baby formula being pulled from shop shelves in Shanghai following allegations that one of its mainland distributers had mixed the imported formula with out-of-date product came as a bombshell for mainland parents, already frustrated and angry after numerous food safety scandals.

7 May 2013 - 4:26pm

Time for Beijing to stop its media propaganda

Former US National Security Adviser, Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski. Photo: Chan Kiu

The "transcript" of an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser of US president Jimmy Carter, was published in the People's Daily's English-language online edition. I put "transcript" in quotation marks because, as it turns out, it was not a full account of what Brzezinski said. His praise of China was published in full but his most critical remarks were left out.

27 Mar 2013 - 3:09am 9 comments

Pig carcass furore still raising worries, despite PR campaign

Workers collect dead pigs, to deliver to a biosafety unit, in Zhulin village of Xinfeng township in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Photo: AP

Officials in China's largest city and in Jiaxing, the suspected source of the dead animals about 100km upstream, as well as the central government, have tried hard to calm the public by insisting there had been no major animal disease outbreak and that pork and water supplies were safe.

24 Mar 2013 - 4:49am