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  • Nov 24, 2014
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Malaysia Airlines flight 17

Malaysia Airlines flight 17

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 airliner en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam crashed near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014 after being hit by a surface-to-air missile. Separatist pro-Russian forces and the Ukrainian government traded accusations over who is to blame for the attack on the civilian airliner that killed all 298 people on board the plane.  

Timeline: The tragic history of civilian airliners shot down since the cold war

Friday, 18 July, 2014, 12:08pm 1 comment

Rebel site suggests insurgents shot down Malaysia plane by mistake

A social media site attributed to a top Ukrainian rebel commander said the insurgents had shot down an army transporter at the location where a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed Thursday near the Russian border.

18 Jul 2014 - 2:37pm 4 comments

Malaysia Airlines passenger jet ‘shot down’ over Ukraine

A Malaysia Airlines plane with 295 people on board was hit by a missile and crashed over eastern Ukraine last night.

18 Jul 2014 - 9:34am 2 comments

‘Bodies were scattered all around’: chaos as rescue workers arrive at crash site

Witnesses near the crash site where a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane came down in eastern Ukraine described a scene of chaos with dozens of bodies scattered around the smouldering wreckage.

18 Jul 2014 - 12:45pm

Obama says Europe should see the tragedy of MH17 as 'wake-up call'

President Barack Obama said the US has concluded that a surface-to-air missile launched from insurgent-held territory in eastern Ukraine brought down a Malaysia Air jetliner, killing all 298 people on board.

22 Jul 2014 - 10:34am 136 comments