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A Bad Week for ... , May 12, 2013

Yum! Brands found another of its brands embroiled in controversy

Still reeling from accusations about food safety at KFC restaurants on the mainland, Yum! Brands found another of its brands embroiled in controversy - Little Sheep, the Mongolian hotpot chain it bought in 2011.

Sunday, 12 May, 2013, 4:00am

Mao Zedong's granddaughter among China's richest people

A statue of China's late Chairman Mao is seen in front of buildings during a hazy day in Shenyang, Liaoning, May 7, 2013. Photo: Reuters

Mao Zedong's granddaughter has become one of China's richest people, according to an annual ranking of the nation's richest 500.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Xi follows in Mao's footsteps on path to consolidate power

Xi Jinping. Photo: Xinhua

When the Politburo announced Xi Jinping's campaign rid the party of "formalism, bureaucratism and behaviour that suggests mediocrity, laziness, laxity and extravagance", what it really meant was: "Clean up your act. Or we'll clean it up for you."

29 Apr 2013 - 5:22am 1 comment

Pitfalls in immigrant writer's road to becoming American

Anchee Min's 'The Cooked Seed'

Born in Shanghai in 1957, Anchee Min was taught to write "long live Chairman Mao" before she could write her own name.

28 Apr 2013 - 4:29pm

No criticism of Maoism: Dubious 'media guidelines from censors' circulate internet

A screenshot of the media guidelines on the Red Song Society website that have since been taken down. Photo: SCMP Pictures

A list of purported new guidelines for Chinese media banning criticism of former leader Mao Zedong was circulated online during the weekend, causing cheer among leftists and disdain among liberals. 

The guidelines ban statements that criticise Mao and call for the removal of journalists and educators who are not loyal to the party. 

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Can Xi Jinping succeed where Mao failed?

Can Xi Jinping succeed where Mao failed?

Once upon a time there was a leader of a major country who grew so tired with vested interests and self-serving elites who had their hands on the main levers of power that he decided to launch a campaign to bring them down to size.

15 Mar 2013 - 3:31am 5 comments

A great leap overseas for Mao Zedong descendants?

Mao Xinyu, grandson of late leader Chairman Mao, is surrounded as he arrives at the Great Hall of the People ahead of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Could Harvard be on the cards for the great grandchildren of China's revolutionary leader Mao Zedong? Granted, they are currently still 10 and five years old. But their father, Mao Xinyu, said he would be open to the possibility of his children studying abroad.

8 Mar 2013 - 9:39am 1 comment

Could Mao Zedong's great grandchildren be making long march to US universities?

Mao Xinyu (left), grandson of Mao Zedong, with disgraced party boss Bo Xilai at a funeral for Bo's father. Photo: Reuters

Granted, they are currently still 10 and five years old. But their father, Mao's only surviving direct grandson, said he would be open to the possibility of his children studying abroad.

7 Mar 2013 - 9:37pm 1 comment

Can China's new leaders finally lay to rest ghosts of the Cultural Revolution?

Can China's new leaders finally lay to rest ghosts of the Cultural Revolution?

Once again, the term wen ge - short for the Cultural Revolution - is buzzing around China's web. This time, discussion was sparked by the trial last month of a man for an alleged murder in 1967, at the height of the Cultural Revolution.

4 Mar 2013 - 3:27am 1 comment

Old murder case recalls painful chapter in China's history

A restaurant recalling the era of the Cultural Revolution in Beijing. Photo: SCMP pictures

A Zhejiang man in his 80s was tried at his home on Monday for allegedly killing a doctor in 1967 during China’s violent Cultural Revolution, reported on Tuesday.

20 Feb 2013 - 4:20pm 1 comment

Zhuang Zedong, key to China-US ping-pong diplomacy, dies at 73

Zhuang Zedong shakes hands with US table tennis player Glenn Cowan during a visit to the United States in 1972. Photo: Xinhua

Zhuang Zedong's gift of a painting of the Huangshang mountains to American player Glen Cowan in 1971 led to a US tour of China later that year, and preceded the historic visit of then president Richard Nixon in 1972.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Unacceptable to invoke Maoist dogma in today's Hong Kong

Lew Mon-hung (left). Photo: Edward Wong

It comes as something of a shock to learn that there are political leaders in our midst whose minds are still mired in the Maoist ideological dogmas of the 1950s, who do not seem to be aware of the great strides made by China in the past few decades.

30 Jan 2013 - 4:25am 3 comments

Corrections & Clarifications

A Briefs item, “Mao’s 1947 democracy remarks valid, says Xi” yesterday said, wrongly, that Mao Zedong remarked in 1947 that democracy was the “new way” to break away from the rise and fall of past dynasties. Mao made the remark in 1945.

29 Dec 2012 - 5:12am

Briefs, December 27, 2012

A former China Railway Container Transport chairman went on trial for corruption yesterday at a court in Qiqihar , Heilongjiang . Luo Jinbao, 56, was said to have introduced ousted railways minister Liu Zhijun to Ding Shumiao - believed to have found Liu numerous young women for sex - and made 800 million yuan (HK$983 million) from rail projects. Prosecutors accused Luo of taking 47 million yuan in bribes, as well as illegally owning a shotgun.

27 Dec 2012 - 3:07am

Censor's Warhol ban stifles creativity

Andy Warhol's paintings of Mao Zedong, now showing in Hong Kong, are to be excluded from the exhibition in Shanghai and Beijing. Photo: AFP

When censorship is imposed from above according to fluid political taboos, instead of by reference to community values, it can have bizarre results. One is that an exhibition of works by pop artist Andy Warhol and a mainland film about relationships and sexuality find themselves in the same boat.

24 Dec 2012 - 3:58am