Mechanical Engineering

F1 engine ruling a formula for disaster, says Force India

Nico Rosberg manoeuvres his Mercedes during a practice session ahead of today's Monaco Grand Prix; he is on the pole. Photo: AP

Formula One is introducing a new 1.6-litre V-6 turbocharged unit with energy-recovery systems in 2014 to replace the existing 2.4-litre V-8. Under a now-lapsed Resource Restriction Agreement among teams, the V-8 was priced at around €9 million (HK$90.3 million) a season. The new engine will cost more than €20 million.

Sunday, 26 May, 2013, 5:54am

Mechanical excitement

The BRZ hasan aluminium bonnet, bulging front wheel arches, distinctive headlights,air vents and a smart hexagonal lower grille.

The new Subaru BRZ is sleek, fast, and a new rival for the Audi TT, BMW 1-Coupe and maybe the Porsche Cayman.

Launched at last November's Los Angeles and Tokyo motor shows, the two-door 2+2 sports car was unveiled in Hong Kong at Festival Walk last month.

20 Aug 2012 - 10:19am

Lack of checks led to cable car fault

Inadequate monitoring of the troubled Ngong Ping 360 cable car meant engineers missed two chances to spot problems which led to a system failure that left 800 passengers stranded in mid-air, an investigation report has revealed.

4 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

Best of both worlds

The Nissan Murano was first launched in North America as a 'crossover', combining the size and ruggedness of a sports utility vehicle and the manoeuvrability and comfort of a saloon car. First launched in Hong Kong in October 2008, the Murano has 'established a strong following' here, according to Nissan dealer Honest Motors.

23 Mar 2012 - 12:00am


It's too warm to get hypothermia in Hong Kong, say expat friends hailing from nippier climates. But it's not only sub-zero temperatures that induce the condition - it can happen any time the air or water temperature takes one's core body temperature below 35 degrees Celsius.

17 Jan 2012 - 12:00am

Greater comfort

One of the highlights of the Detroit motor show this month is the new Cabrio version of the Porsche 911 Carrera. Due here 'in about March', according to local dealer Porsche Centre Hong Kong, the model arrives with a new hood that retains the model's classic roofline and uses magnesium in its components to reduce weight and fuel consumption, and improve ride comfort, the German marque says.

13 Jan 2012 - 12:00am


Helping the poor should be a priority

Looking after poor people should be a top priority for Hong Kong's next chief executive. Many of them live in terrible conditions, such as 'cage houses'.

23 Jul 2011 - 12:00am

How would you keep cool this summer?

Kobe Lee Wai-ling, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

My way of keeping cool is to wear a 'cooling mask'. First, put a wet handkerchief in a Ziploc bag and keep it in the fridge. The handkerchief will turn into an ice-cold mask. Close your eyes and put it on your face.

Jenny Leung Chi-yan, 16, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

2 Jun 2011 - 12:00am

Baby bottles made with chemical BPA banned

Beijing is banning baby bottles made with the chemical bisphenol A for fear that it may be harmful to infants, according to a government notice released online last week.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is widely used to harden plastics such as those used to make water bottles and baby milk bottles.

1 Jun 2011 - 12:00am

Carmakers upbeat despite slowing sales and state curbs

Carmakers in the world's biggest car market are shrugging off slowing sales and government restrictions on new vehicle purchases and instead targeting a massive increase in sales and production over the next five years.

19 Apr 2011 - 12:00am

No house, no money, but tough teen shoulders family burdens

Dangqiu Lamao, her hair in a neat, long braid, has a quiet, patient demeanour rare in most 15-year-old girls.

Her calm nature is even more unusual considering Dangqiu's life.

18 Apr 2011 - 12:00am

Truck driver in fatal accident denies driving dangerously

A truck driver denied yesterday he was driving dangerously when his vehicle caused an accident which resulted in the death of an elderly man.

A truck being driven by Lee Kam-yuen, 58, rammed into the back of a taxi which had stopped at a red light to allow people to cross the road.

15 Apr 2011 - 12:00am

Shanghai officials take blame for fire

Shanghai officials for the first time admitted culpability for the lax safety standards that resulted in last week's deadly fire, which razed an entire residential building.

Mayor Han Zheng acknowledged that blame rested on him and Shanghai Communist Party secretary Yu Zhengsheng .

23 Nov 2010 - 12:00am

Flammable foam lined Shanghai tower before fire

Three days after a fatal blaze razed a Shanghai apartment block, the question on the lips of many residents is how the building had effectively been lined with firelighters - on government orders - and just how many other homes are at risk of a similar fate.

19 Nov 2010 - 12:00am

Stay warm this winter

A new clothing technology is helping those who love the great outdoors keep themselves warmer and drier. Woody Blackford, design director at Columbia Sportswear, has developed the Omni-Heat technology specifically for this purpose.

Blackford says he got the inspiration for the technology from space blankets.

25 Oct 2010 - 12:00am