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  • Sep 15, 2014
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Microsoft Corporation is one of the world’s biggest software makers and manufactures and licenses a range of products and services related to computing. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the company is probably best known for its Windows software, although it has begun an aggressive drive into the mobile sector seeking to make inroads on market share held by Google and Apple. It paid 5.44 billion euros for the handset business of Nokia in September 2013.

Microsoft resists US order to turn over emails held overseas

A judge lifted a suspension on her order directing Microsoft Corp to turn over a customer's emails stored overseas to US prosecutors, but the software company said it would not release any emails while it appeals against the ruling.

Sunday, 31 August, 2014, 6:02am

Kingsoft software to capitalise on Microsoft's Office woes in China

Software firm Kingsoft is looking to steal market share away from Microsoft's Office users on the mainland, taking advantage of Beijing's call for government departments and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to move to domestic software and hardware because of cybersecurity concerns.

28 Aug 2014 - 5:03am 1 comment

In China, Microsoft losing out increasingly to free software and piracy

On a trip to Beijing a decade ago, Bill Gates was asked by a senior government official how much money Microsoft made in China.

13 Aug 2014 - 6:34am 1 comment

Microsoft sues Samsung over 2011 smartphone licensing deal

Microsoft has fired a legal salvo at long-time partner Samsung, accusing the South Korean giant of breaching a contract over licensing of technology used in the smartphone market.

3 Aug 2014 - 6:53am

China confirms Microsoft under investigation for breach of antitrust regulations

Microsoft, the US technology giant, is under investigation in China for allegedly breaching antitrust regulations, the country’s market regulator confirmed on Tuesday.

29 Jul 2014 - 10:14pm

Microsoft confirms China probe, reportedly over antitrust, after four offices visited

Mainland business authorities are investigating Microsoft, the US technology giant confirmed yesterday, with reports that the focus was on antitrust behaviour.

29 Jul 2014 - 9:31am 16 comments

New Microsoft Satya Nadella CEO seeks to reinvigorate software giant

The day Satya Nadella became Microsoft's chief executive, he invited several dozen vice-presidents to breakfast and had a simple, calm admonition for them: "Can you step it up?"

31 Jul 2014 - 6:25pm 2 comments

Microsoft plans new round of job cuts

Microsoft is planning its biggest round of job cuts in five years, as the software maker looks to slim down and integrate Nokia's handset unit, people with knowledge of the company's plans said.

16 Jul 2014 - 1:15am 1 comment

Microsoft eyes bigger slice of city's media tablet market

Microsoft expects to carve out a bigger niche in Hong Kong's HK$5 billion media tablet market in the second half of this year with the launch of its new laptopreplacement device - the Surface Pro 3.

4 Jul 2014 - 1:41am

Hong Kong start-ups get big boost from Microsoft-Cyberport programme

Fundraising for local start-ups is poised to receive a big lift under a strategic, multi-year initiative between software giant Microsoft and Cyberport in Hong Kong.

3 May 2014 - 7:52am