Military drill

PLA gun practice disturbs Fanling neighbours

Fanling residents are calling on the People's Liberation Army to stop nighttime military exercises at its San Wai Barracks.

Fanling residents are calling on the People's Liberation Army to stop nighttime military exercises at its San Wai Barracks, saying stepped-up firing practice is keeping them from sleeping.

Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 6:42am 2 comments

Japan and US to conduct major military exercise despite Beijing's objection

China had objected to military exercise off California testing forces' ability to retake island

Japan has vowed to go ahead next week with a major military exercise testing US and Japanese troops' ability to recapture a hypothetical remote island, despite a complaint through diplomatic channels from Beijing.

7 Jun 2013 - 1:51am

PLA joint cyberwarfare drill to show new strength and sophistication

PLA prepares massive drill to show off its new strength and sophistication

The People's Liberation Army will conduct its first joint combat drills involving cyberwarfare, special troops, army aviation and electronic countermeasures units next month to test the integration and co-ordination of its land and air forces, state media reported yesterday.

30 May 2013 - 8:08am 1 comment

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Shaw Prize laureates announced

Shaw Prize laureates announced

28 May 2013 - 1:21am

PLA Navy's three fleets meet in South China Sea for rare show of force

Photo: Xinhua

China's navy has carried out a rare joint exercise, involving its three fleets, in the South China Sea as regional tensions over territorial disputes mount.

The combined drill was carried out in southern waters by warships, submarines and the naval air force from the People's Liberation Army's North Sea, East Sea and South Sea fleets, national broadcaster CCTV reported on Saturday.

27 May 2013 - 4:48am 1 comment

Taiwan's military drills in disputed waters to step up pressure on Manila

Some 200 Taiwanese gathered outside the Philippines representative office in Taipei on Monday to protest the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippines coast guard in disputed waters between Taiwan and the northern Philippines. Photo: AP

Taiwan would stage military drills to step up pressure on Manila over the killing of a fisherman last week, it said yesterday as angry protesters burned the Philippine flag in front of Manila's representative office in Taipei.

14 May 2013 - 7:17am

US carrier Nimitz docks in S. Korea for 'manoeuvres'

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz docks in Busan yesterday ahead of joint exercises with South Korea. Photo: EPA

The Nimitz Strike Group includes 64 aircraft as well as cruisers and destroyers, said the group's commander, Rear Admiral Mike White, after the aircraft carrier anchored off the southern port of Busan.

12 May 2013 - 6:57am

North Korea preparing for 'big' military drill, report says

South Korean workers unload products made at the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, after arriving at at the military checkpoint in the border city of Paju. Dozens of South Korean workers returned from the jointly run factory park on Saturday as part of an evacuation. Photo: AFP

Preparations are under way near the North’s western port of Nampo for a combined live-fire drill involving artillery units and air force jets, the South’s Yonhap news agency said, citing a Seoul government source.

28 Apr 2013 - 12:53pm

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President Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping welcomes leaders from two of Southeast Asian neighbours for talks in Beijing. Myanmar's President Thein Sein and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei's prime minister, are both due in the capital.

5 Apr 2013 - 3:02am

PLA Navy amphibious task force reaches Malaysia 'to defend South China sea'

Chinese Navy's amphibious landing ship Jinggangshan is seen during a training with a hovercraft in waters near Hainan Province on March 20, 2013. Photo: Xinhua

A fully equipped PLA amphibious task force has reached China's southernmost claimed possession in the South China Sea in an unprecedented show of force that is raising eyebrows across the region.

27 Mar 2013 - 10:31am 6 comments

Taiwan to test defences with live-fire drill in strait

David Lo, spokesman of Taiwan's Defense Ministry. Photo: AFP

Taiwan unveiled plans for its biggest live-fire military exercise since 2008, aimed at reviewing the island's defence capability against a simulated mainland invasion.

27 Mar 2013 - 5:31am

CCTV airs video of live-fire helicopter drill in Hong Kong

People's Liberation Army. Photo: Nora Tam

China Central Television broadcasted for the first time footage of a live-fire military drill held last week by the Hong Kong garrison of the People's Liberation Army.

25 Mar 2013 - 6:55am 1 comment

Kim Jong-un monitors 'actual war' exercise

A Korean People's Army artillery unit takes part in the drill, during which Kim Jong-un was described as 'feasting his eyes'. Photo: AP

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a live-fire artillery drill aimed at simulating an "actual war", state media said yesterday, a day after South Korea swore in its first woman president.

27 Feb 2013 - 5:30am

North Korea leader monitors live-fire drill simulating ‘actual war’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (centre) watches a flight exercise and a military drill. Photo: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a live-fire artillery drill aimed at simulating an “actual war”, state media said on Tuesday, a day after South Korea swore in its first female president.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

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The hotline to help Hong Kong mothers get baby formula received over 5,000 calls. Photo: Reuters

On a hotline to help Hong Kong mothers get baby formula receiving over 5,000 calls ...

20 Feb 2013 - 4:12am