Battle over whether money really can buy you happiness

A time to wish for an abundance of happiness. Photo: AFP

Hong Kong is a world leader in economic wealth but does higher GDP mean anything when it comes to general satisfaction with life?

Friday, 8 February, 2013, 2:19am 5 comments

Financial studies teach students the value of money

Investing in students' financial education can reap rewards.

When he was in Form Three, Samuel Weil, one of my outstanding IB biology students, advised me to buy Apple stock. Had I listened, I would have made a 400 per cent profit today.

6 Jan 2013 - 2:47pm

Happiness survey shows achieving it costs more in Hong Kong

Photo: Bloomberg

Money can't buy happiness, so the saying goes. Yet people around the world remain obsessed with wealth and making money, so much so that the dollar sign is regarded by many as the equivalent of happiness. Hongkongers are no exception. Not only do they think they can buy their way to happiness, many believe that the more money they have, the happier they will be.

27 Nov 2012 - 4:34am

Hot money pushes up Hong Kong stocks to 15-month high

Hot money pushes up Hong Kong stocks to 15-month high

Hong Kong stocks hit a 15-month high yesterday, breaching the 22,000 level for the first time in 15 months as investors were cheered by positive data from the US and the mainland.

3 Nov 2012 - 3:32am

Monetary Authority intervenes to hold down value of the Hong Kong dollar

Norman Chan Tak-lam, chief executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) , speaks at the Treasury Markets Summit.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority intervened in the currency markets for the first time in nearly three years yesterday to hold down the value of the Hong Kong dollar.

21 Oct 2012 - 4:15am

The Week Explained: Amex not as helpful as the marketing suggests

"American Express? That'll not do nicely, sir." Photo: Bloomberg

If you have a credit card you might want to pay some attention to this story. It's something of a saga, but bear with me because the bottom line is rather scary.

Recently, I realised that two insurance policies purchased via a promotion run by American Express, with payment linked to its cards, were more expensive than comparable products.

22 Oct 2012 - 1:54am

Yes, the HK$ peg is to blame, but the alternatives are worse

Yes, the HK$ peg is to blame, but the alternatives are worse

Property prices are an eternal obsession with Hong Kong's inhabitants.

Even so, Monday's Monitor column examining some of the reasons why we can expect the home prices to continue setting new records broke new ground.

18 Oct 2012 - 4:47am 8 comments

Hong Kong mints new batch of HK$5 coins for first time in 14 years

The Hong Kong government has quietly begun issuing new HK$5 coins, for the first time in 14 years.

A newly minted HK$2 coin also will be put into circulation from December, according to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

2 Oct 2012 - 12:42pm

QE3 will fuel property bubble, authorities must act to rein in prices

High-rise buildings in Hong Kong on August 13, 2012. Photo: AFP

The failure of politicians to deal with America's economic problems has prompted the US Federal Reserve to adopt its most aggressive policy stance yet to spur recovery from recession. The Fed action will further exacerbate the hot money flow that has inflated asset values in Hong Kong and increases the risk of a property bubble bursting.

15 Sep 2012 - 5:16pm

When time is money - and you don't have any

Run, don't walk, to your nearest pension planner.

A recent Justin Timberlake science-fiction movie called In Time had the premise that, in the future, people will only live as long as they can pay for time. If your credit expires, so do you. The movie was not up to much, but the concept was compelling.

17 Sep 2012 - 3:36am

China to 'allow full yuan convertibility' by 2015

As its economic power grows, China aims to make the yuan an international currency. Photo: Bloomberg

China will probably take the groundbreaking step of making the yuan a fully convertible currency as early as 2015, former central bank governor Dai Xianglong said.

13 Sep 2012 - 3:01am

Plans to hitch the US$ to gold are doomed to certain failure

Plans to hitch the US$ to gold are doomed to certain failure

It's almost a year now since the price of gold hit an all-time record of US$1,921.15 an ounce.

At the time, gold euphoria was running high, with bulls confidently predicting the price would break through US$2,000 before the end of 2011.

It didn't happen. Instead of pushing higher, the rally ran out of steam and the gold price collapsed 20 per cent by the end of the year.

28 Aug 2012 - 3:38am

Big property deals nearly double in first half

Sales of investment properties valued above HK$100 million nearly doubled in Hong Kong in the first half of the year, with expectations the momentum will continue for the rest of 2012.

15 Aug 2012 - 11:23pm

Dandy & Dapper

My husband dropped a rare hint that he'd like some cufflinks with old coins in them for his birthday next month. The only problem is I have no idea where to purchase such an item! Help?

29 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

Yuan payments on rise while HK dollar slips

China's efforts to internationalise the yuan are bearing fruit, with a surge in yuan payments over the past 21 months, while the Hong Kong dollar's ranking has fallen, according to Swift, which operates a global international network for financial institutions.

25 Jul 2012 - 12:00am