Muslim Protests

Hong Kong's peaceful protests against US video show restraint

Protests in Hong Kong against a US-made video that has enraged Muslims have been in sharp contrast to those in the Middle East, Pakistan and elsewhere. Here, they have been largely peaceful and orderly. Leaders have stressed the need for calm and reason.

Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 2:36am

US slams Pakistani minister’s filmmaker bounty

Muslim protesters hold a rally and march in Hong Kong on Sunday to condemn a film made in the US. Photo: David Wong

The United States on Sunday denounced a US$100,000 bounty offered by a Pakistani politician for killing the maker of an anti-Islam film that has triggered a wave of deadly protests.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Pakistan government distances itself from filmmaker bounty

The Pakistan government distanced itself yesterday from a US$100,000 bounty offered by a cabinet minister for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world.

Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour invited members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda to take part in the "noble deed", and said given the chance he would kill the filmmaker himself.

24 Sep 2012 - 4:11am

Hong Kong's Muslims in largely peaceful protest over film

After gathering at Chater Garden, Hong Kong's Muslims march to the US consulate to protest against an anti-Islam film. Photo: David Wong

Thousands of Muslims marched through Central yesterday in response to an American film that has incensed their community globally.

The demonstration was largely peaceful, but there were scuffles between police and some protesters who wanted to break through a barricade set up to prevent demonstrators from reaching the US consulate's front gate.

24 Sep 2012 - 11:01am 3 comments

Violence flares across Muslim world in film protests

A Pakistani Muslim demonstrator brandishes a stick as police vehicles burn around him during a protest in Karachi. Photo: AFP

Deadly clashes flared up across Pakistan yesterday as tens of thousands of people took to the streets over an anti-Islam film. Thousands of Muslims also protested in at least half a dozen other countries, some burning American flags and effigies of President Barack Obama.

22 Sep 2012 - 1:21pm

Pakistani protesters clash with police on Muslim ‘Day of Love’

A Muslim Pakistani throws a tear gas shell back towards riot police at a protest against an anti-Islam film in Islamabad on Friday. Photo: AFP

Protests by tens of thousands of Pakistanis infuriated by an anti-Islam film descended into deadly violence on Friday, with police firing live rounds in an attempt to subdue rioters.


21 Sep 2012 - 9:29pm

Pakistani protesters clash with police over film

Pakistani protesters shout anti-US slogans during a demonstration in Lahore on Wednesday. Photo: Xinhua

Hundreds of Pakistanis angry at an anti-Islam film that denigrates the religion’s prophet clashed with police in the Pakistani capital on Thursday, the most violent show of anger in a day that saw smaller demonstrations in Indonesia, Iran and Afghanistan.

20 Sep 2012 - 8:39pm

Strike over anti-Islam film shutters Kashmir shops

Kashmiri Muslims shout anti-US and Israeli slogans during a protest and one day strike in Srinagar on Tuesday. Photo: AFP

Shops and businesses were on strike across Indian-controlled Kashmir and marchers burned US flags and an effigy of President Barack Obama in protest against an anti-Islam video.

Protests took place in the region’s main city of Srinagar and at least seven other towns on Tuesday. Troops patrolled the largely deserted streets of Srinagar as public transport stayed off the roads.

18 Sep 2012 - 5:06pm

Bangladesh blocks YouTube over anti-Islam video

Bangladeshi Muslims burn flags of the US and Israel during a protest in Dhaka on Friday. Photo: AP

Bangladesh has blocked YouTube after the video-sharing website failed to take down an anti-Islam film that has sparked furious protests across the Muslim world, government officials said on Tuesday.

The country’s telecommunications regulator blocked the website “to prevent violence and social disorder over the derogatory video”, its acting chairman Giashuddin Ahmed told reporters.

18 Sep 2012 - 3:41pm

Protests over Prophet film turn violent in Indonesia and Afghanistan

A supporter of a hardline Islamic group shouts slogans yesterday outside the American embassy in Jakarta. Photo: Reuters

Protests over an American film mocking Islam turned violent for the first time in Afghanistan and Indonesia yesterday, as hundreds of angry men clashed with police, hurling stones and shouting "death to America".

18 Sep 2012 - 4:12am

Pakistani protesters clash with police, 1 killed

Pakistani lawyers shout slogans as they burn a US flag and an effigy of US President Barack Obama and Florida pastor Terry Jones during a protest in Multan on Monday. Photo: AFP

Hundreds of people protesting against an anti-Islam video have set fire to a press club and a government office in northwest Pakistan, sparking clashes with police that killed one demonstrator.

17 Sep 2012 - 6:07pm

Indonesians clash with police outside US embassy

An Indonesian protester hurls a molotov coctail towards the US embassy during a protest on Monday. Photo: AFP

Indonesians enraged over an anti-Islam film clashed with police outside the US Embassy in Jakarta on Monday, hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails and setting tyres ablaze.

17 Sep 2012 - 7:51pm

Anti-Islam film triggers protests against US in Australia

Muslim protesters rallying against a US film mocking their religion clash with Australian police in Sydney yesterday. Photo: Reuters

Protests against a film denigrating Islam eased in the Middle East but surfaced in Australia as Washington said it was deploying forces to cope with violence in as many as 18 different locations.

In Afghanistan, two United States marines were killed when insurgents stormed a heavily fortified air base where Britain's Prince Harry was stationed.

16 Sep 2012 - 3:04am

Benghazi's security chief powerless to check rise of Ansar al-Sharia militia

President Mohammed el-Megarif visits wounded guards. Photo: AP

The black flag of the Islamist Ansar al-Sharia militia continued to fly over its base in central Benghazi yesterday, but the garrison was nervous, braced for reprisals after the killing of the US ambassador to Libya on Tuesday night. Many in Benghazi say Sharia helped the attack of the US consulate that killed four Americans.

16 Sep 2012 - 2:50am