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  • Sep 22, 2014
  • Updated: 6:23pm


Next Media heats up newspaper competition

As the dust settled on the sale of Next Media's loss-making television business in Taiwan last month, its boss, Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, promised to focus on the print business, a move that looks set to intensify competition in the industry.

Monday, 20 May, 2013, 8:24am

Gunmen torch office of Tamil newspaper in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Gunmen opened fire and torched the office of the main Tamil newspaper in northern Sri Lanka yesterday, the latest in a string of attacks on the nation's privately owned media.

14 Apr 2013 - 7:25am

Myanmar must not gag its media

Of all Myanmar's reforms, few are as fundamentally important to the nation's people as media freedom. The recent launch of four privately owned newspapers - the first of 16 given approval to publish daily by the quasi-civilian government - is a small but vital step on that road. A six-decade stranglehold on the press by the military deprived citizens of basic rights and information. Remaining doubts about authorities' sincerity and intentions will be vanquished if journalists are again able to do their jobs without fear or favour.

11 Apr 2013 - 3:03am

Growing mistrust will result from 'no comments' or denials

While some scholars praise China for being a more open society, the business world in China is apparently the other way round. Doing business in China is becoming more important than ever amid an economic slowdown in the West in recent years, and it's also getting less transparent.

8 Apr 2013 - 8:56am

Three Chinese-language newspapers raise prices, more to follow suit

The three broadsheets - Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and The Sun - all increased their prices from HK$6 to HK$7 yesterday.

8 Apr 2013 - 6:16am

Journalists call for censor to quit over editorial scandal

Dozens of journalists have demanded the resignation of Guangdong's propaganda chief, after he swapped one newspaper's new year's outlook with his own piece praising the “Chinese Dream”.



8 Jan 2013 - 2:20pm

Outrage at Guangdong newspaper forced to run party commentary

Journalists at an outspoken newspaper in Guangdong challenged the provincial propaganda authorities yesterday after the paper was forced to run a commentary glorifying the Communist Party and drop an article calling for proper implementation of the constitution.

8 Jan 2013 - 2:24pm

Are newspapers dying?

Newspapers may eventually become news "sites" or "iNews" products. But for journalist, as long as you are a good content provider, your readers will remember your bylines.

9 Nov 2012 - 8:15pm

New Evening Post relaunched to back Beijing loyalists in election

Today's relaunch of the New Evening Post - a pro-Beijing newspaper that closed in 1997 - as a free evening publication appears to be an attempt to win support for Beijing loyalists in next month's Legislative Council election, a political scientist says.

20 Aug 2012 - 5:32am

Censors ban train crash coverage

Censors have banned coverage of the first anniversary of the deadly high-speed-train crash in Wenzhou , Zhejiang province, in the latest move to tighten media control ahead of the Communist Party's national congress later this year.

20 Jul 2012 - 12:00am