WWF's new face in HK urges shoppers to join fight against waste

Singer Kay Tse On-kay seemed to relish her return to the limelight on Saturday when she made her first appearance as the WWF's new face in Hong Kong.

Tuesday, 8 June, 2010, 12:00am

Don't turn your nose up

Nose out the answers

Can you nose out the meanings of these nosey nouns?

1 a nose cone

a. the front part of a spaceship, aircraft or missile

b. a pointed hat that wizards wear

2 a nose job

a. a very bad cold

b. an operation to change the shape of your nose

3 a Roman nose

25 Nov 2009 - 12:00am

The nose


Use these words to complete the sentences: smell, flexible, symmetrical, openings, face

The nose is in the centre of the

1. __________________ and contains the nostrils and the organs of

2. ___________________. It functions as the usual passageway for air in respiration.

It has two cavities and is

8 Mar 2007 - 12:00am

HKU lauds nasal cancer treatment

In the decade since Hong Kong University pioneered a surgical technique that spares victims of nasal cancer open surgery, only one patient has had a recurrence, a medical professor said yesterday.

22 Jul 2005 - 12:00am

An ancient nose job

I'VE DONE SOME weird and wonderful things in my time and nasal irrigation, or jal neti, looks set to join the list.

23 Jun 2003 - 12:00am

Ask mr Brain...all will be epxlained

What is the meaning of the suffix '-stan' found at the end of the names of so many countries? The names of seven countries, all of them Asian, have either the '-stan' or '-istan' suffix. They are: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

18 Apr 2000 - 12:00am

'Nose op left me blinded'

A surgery patient is suing the Hospital Authority after he was blinded in one eye during a nose operation, a High Court writ said.

Yau Kui-sang went to Tuen Mun Hospital to have a nasal obstruction cleared in August 1995.

14 Nov 1997 - 12:00am

Very cold comfort

SNUFFLING reporter Andy Gilbert found a special offer at Watsons in Taikoo Shing. Buy a Dristan nasal spray and get one dollar off a packet of Dristan cold tablets. He bought both, but staff refused to give him his dollar.

10 Mar 1996 - 12:00am

Immigration Department

A COLLEAGUE visiting the Immigration Department's ivory tower in Wan Chai was, like hundreds of others attending to business on the fifth floor, overcome by the strong smell of urine emanating from the direction of the toilets. Everybody was walking round with handkerchiefs pressed to their noses.

25 Aug 1994 - 12:00am


WE like people who look us straight in the eye and generally look up to people with strong jaws. A face can launch a thousand ships or be the route to a fortune. And deals can be won or lost by a single look.

13 Feb 1994 - 12:00am

A nose for charities

RED nose time is here, and we're not referring to the sudden drop in temperature.

We are talking Red Nose as in charity fund raising, with the RSPCA's Helen Clements requesting that we don a red nose and ''look silly for a day'' - although quite a few people we know would have great difficulties containing that sort of behaviour to just one day.

26 Nov 1993 - 12:00am