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Man, 71, beaten to death in care home

A 71-year-old man from a Kennedy Town nursing home died early yesterday after a fellow resident struck him with a walking stick. The victim suffered multiple head injuries. The attacker, 86, who occupies the next bed, has a history of psychological and mental illness.

Sunday, 19 May, 2013, 7:42am 1 comment

Over 60pc of workers in elderly care facilities attacked by patients

Over 60 per cent of workers in elderly care facilities have been attacked by elderly residents during the course of their duties, according to a recent survey.

4 Feb 2013 - 7:01pm

Ageing mainland faces challenges

Pension and health-care costs may pose the biggest financial risks to the mainland government as the population ages. Photo: Bloomberg

A nursing home located near a diplomatic area in Beijing cares for 26 people aged between 60 and 92.

4 Feb 2013 - 4:16am

Want a bed? Wait 100 years, says popular Beijing nursing home

He Shuzhen, 80, right, holds the hand of another old woman  in the Fu Tai Senior Apartments in suburb Beijing. Photo: Ricky Wong

If you apply now for a bed in Beijing's leading Social Welfare Institute, a popular public nursing home, you will have to wait a lifetime before you get one.

The first publicly owned and most sought after Beijing nursing home has 1,100 beds and over 10,000 applicants, a report by the Beijing Evening News said.

16 Jan 2013 - 4:08pm

Elderly need neighbours, not paid buddies, says ageing expert

Elderly need neighbours, not paid buddies, says ageing expert

A paid buddy system for the elderly is one option to alleviate pressure on the city's aged-care services, but a better model is one that encourages simply being a good neighbour, says a specialist in ageing.

14 Oct 2012 - 4:13am

Young given chance to care for elderly

A major operator of homes for the elderly is wooing secondary-school leavers who fail to gain entry to higher study with free courses and HK$8,000 a month to join its staff.

The move by the Haven of Hope Christian Service is a part of a larger attempt to reform the aged-care industry and ease a worsening manpower shortage.

15 Aug 2012 - 11:07pm


Elderly need more subsidised care

The plight of 100-year-old Ng King-yin and his wife, Lam Sau-king, 95, highlights the lack of places in homes for the elderly.

18 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

Golden opportunities in store

With post-war baby-boomers fast approaching retirement, Hong Kong is facing many challenges associated with elderly care, one of them an ongoing shortage of skilled professionals to provide such services.

14 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

No excuse for not helping the elderly

No one can help but feel sorry for the couple, aged 100 and 95, who, after being married for seven decades, may have to separate and live in different old people's homes. The pair are just two of more than 27,000 in the queue for government-subsidised care homes. Many have died waiting.

12 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Couple's ordeal spurs call for change in elderly care

The plight of an elderly couple who are struggling to stay together exposes serious glitches and shortages in the care-home system that need to be tackled, said legislators who visited the pair yesterday.

The welfare chief meanwhile said the government's approach was to focus on 'ageing in place' - letting the elderly live out their retirement at home and in the community.

8 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Nursing crisis in care homes for elderly

A chronic shortage of nurses in private homes for the elderly is behind huge waiting lists for places at the facilities, a service group says.

At least 400 more nurses are needed in the homes to cope with demand, said Grace Li Fai, chairwoman of the Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong.

7 Feb 2012 - 12:00am

Daze of their lives

Yan Ming-kit knew she had to seek outside help when her mother suffered a fourth stroke eight years ago. Tam Kam-chue had been a livewire when she was younger, but at the age of 79, arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes were taking a toll on her health. The confusing changes she was experiencing as dementia set in also left Tam feeling suicidal, so the family decided to act.

20 Nov 2011 - 12:00am

More nursing homes to be built

A State Council meeting chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday announced the strengthening of services for the elderly by building more nursing homes to ensure there are 30 beds for every 1,000 elderly residents in view of the rapidly ageing population.

18 Aug 2011 - 12:00am

Group urges more subsidised care homes to cut waiting times

The government should offer more subsidised residential care homes with the aim of cutting the waiting time by half within three to five years, a social welfare group says.

14 Dec 2009 - 12:00am


Urgent need for more nursing homes

Many elderly people in Hong Kong have no choice but to move into a nursing home as they become weak and are unable to lead a normal life.

30 Jun 2009 - 12:00am