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  • Sep 21, 2014
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Organised crime

Mafia murders in Italy cut by half as organised crime goes corporate

Italian mafia homicides have fallen by almost half in recent years, underscoring the gangsters' shift into what look like legitimate business sectors.

Thursday, 4 July, 2013, 4:11am

Australian love affair with sport in danger of becoming an abusive relationship

Lovers of Australian sport might well feel they've been jilted for much of the past year. It began at last year's London Games, where the country's Olympians won just seven gold medals, their worst total in 20 years. Its much-vaunted swim team won only one gold - in a relay - and some of its male members were accused of bullying other swimmers and taking banned sleeping medication.

9 Jun 2013 - 5:39am

Daniele Lo Presti: tale of sleaze, blackmail and organised crime

It is more than two months since Italian paparazzo Daniele Lo Presti was murdered under Testaccio bridge in Rome. Lo Presti had been due to meet friends for a run on February 27 at 5.30pm, and had been jogging on the footpath that follows the Tiber River.

10 May 2013 - 2:32am

Customs seize HK$24 million worth of counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco

The 9.3 million cigarettes and 90kg of tobacco were found in a container that arrived in Hong Kong from Port Kelang in Malaysia via Singapore.

1 May 2013 - 5:52am

Six injured in Tsim Sha Tsui gang violence

Five men were arrested, aged 25 to 43, after a brawl broke out involving at least two dozen people in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Minden Avenue.

22 Apr 2013 - 1:10pm

French robber takes hostages and blasts way out of jail

A robber with links to organised crime blasted his way out of jail with explosives yesterday as he took prison wardens hostage in northern France, officials said.

14 Apr 2013 - 8:09am

Smugglers cash in big on 'British' tobacco trafficked through Hong Kong

Criminal syndicates are reaping huge profits by smuggling mainland tobacco through Hong Kong into Britain, where it is sold at a 5,000 per cent mark-up, a government source says.

8 Apr 2013 - 10:33am

Fleeced with the promise of sex

A gang of mainland women are using the promise of sex to trap and rob their victims in Yau Ma Tei, police warn.

1 Apr 2013 - 5:06am

Hand of organised crime in ivory trade

Hong Kong is on the frontline in the fight against illegal ivory trafficking, and has a growing role as a transit point of the illicit trade, according to reports by the UN and a wildlife agency.

Large-scale seizures in the city in recent years point to the involvement of organised crime, one of the reports says.

14 Mar 2013 - 7:38am

Greater China second to India in seizure of tiger parts

A report on the illegal wildlife trade of tigers across Asia shows that between 2000 and 2012, greater China had the most seizures of tiger parts after India. There were a total of 654 seizures across the region with parts from an estimated 1,425 tigers.

10 Mar 2013 - 6:36am 1 comment