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  • Oct 20, 2014
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Peace Symbols

Thanks, YP readers!

Children in Japan were amazed to receive thousands of origami cranes from Young Post readers. The paper cranes were the result of a Young Post campaign, 'From Hong Kong to Japan with Love'.

Monday, 23 May, 2011, 12:00am

Girls turn heartache into a positive cause

When Hu Li-ting, a native English-speaking teacher of Holy Angels Canossian School in Hung Hom, spotted an anonymous message on the wall outside the classroom, she was very moved.

12 May 2011 - 12:00am

Paper cranes for Japan

Seven schools participated in Young Post's 'From Hong Kong to Japan with Love' campaign for Save The Children (STC). Students at the schools made thousands of origami paper cranes, wrote hundreds of messages for the children in STC safe areas, and raised HK$5,524.50 in total. Donations from YP's team boosted the sum to HK$6,274.50.

13 Apr 2011 - 12:00am

Tale of two cities

This day, 61 years ago, was the single most destructive day in human history. On August 6, 1945, at 8.16am, an atomic bomb exploded 600 metres above Hiroshima. An intense sun-like energy carbonised and flattened the city centre and tens of thousands of people died in an instant.

6 Aug 2006 - 12:00am