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  • Sep 17, 2014
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Pearl River Delta

My life: Alan Chan Yau-kin

The graphic designer and branding guru talks to Jo Baker about the importance of culture and capturing the spirit of Hong Kong.

Sunday, 2 September, 2012, 12:44pm

Doing it by the Brûlé book

After two iconic magazine launches, Tyler Brûlé knows all about building brands, says Anna Healy Fenton.

30 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

Bare witness

Guangdong TV presenter Ou Zhihang is a man on a mission, highlighting issues in Hong Kong and the mainland one naked press-up at a time. Hannah Xu reports.

31 Aug 2012 - 5:17pm

Hong Kong doesn't need Morlocks from the Delta to fix labour woes

I have another way of looking at it. The English author H.G. Wells, in his science fiction classic, The Time Machine, postulated a race far in the future of subhumans, the Morlocks, who lived underground in the dark to serve their master race, the Eloi.

25 Feb 2014 - 5:16am 5 comments

Fears of tainted rice turn delta shoppers to Hong Kong

Two weeks after learning nearly half the rice they buy from local markets may contain excessive levels of cadmium, a carcinogenic heavy metal, residents of the Pearl River Delta are starting to look for a solution or at least a way to avoid eating tainted rice.

Safe choices seem limited to changing a centuries-old habit of regarding rice as a staple food or buying rice in Hong Kong.

8 Jun 2013 - 4:04am 1 comment

HK$60m of contraband electronics seized from ship on Pearl River Delta

Acting on intelligence, officers intercepted the ship, known as a river trade vessel, shortly after it set off from Black Point in Tuen Mun for Humen in Guangdong on Thursday. They escorted the vessel to the River Trade Terminal in Tuen Mun, where X-rays revealed illicit goods hidden in three containers on board.

19 May 2013 - 5:51am

Hong Kong's prosperity is tied to rejuvenation of Pearl River Delta

National People's Congress Standing Committee chairman Zhang Dejiang recently said Hong Kong's competitive edge is weakening and may fade away. Its strongest competitors may be other Chinese cities; a recent McKinsey projection indicated that 40 per cent of the 75 most dynamic cities by 2025 will be Chinese. Mainland cities occupy six of the top 10 positions, with Shanghai and Beijing first and second.

6 May 2013 - 2:55am

Delta air quality improves, but roadside pollution worse in Hong Kong

Air quality in the Pearl River Delta improved last year, according to the latest regional air quality report, but concerns are mounting about the deterioration of roadside air in Hong Kong.

30 Apr 2013 - 6:41am 4 comments

Dongguan's manufacturing reputation fades but sex industry thrives

Many have been asking what the future holds for Dongguan, long known as "the world's factory" but now struggling with problems of economic restructuring.

Much will depend on the direction chosen by new Guangdong party secretary Hu Chunhua to steer the province in the coming years, but in the meantime the city is attempting an image makeover.

27 Apr 2013 - 4:10am 2 comments

Planning strategy outdated, say experts

The city should review the planning strategy it formulated five years ago as it is lagging the rapidly developing Pearl River Delta region, participants in a forum say.

They floated ideas to catch up, including leveraging Hong Kong's strengths in services and shopping, and low tax rates.

13 Apr 2013 - 4:19am