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  • Oct 2, 2014
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Bohr's atomic model 100 years old

Picture an atom, and you may imagine spherical electrons orbiting a nucleus packed with particles like neutrons. Only certain orbits - quantum levels - are possible. It's a simplistic model, yet provides insights into atoms and chemical properties, and this year marks 100 years since the model was first proposed by Danish physicist Niels Bohr.

Sunday, 2 June, 2013, 2:44am

Big Bang image inspires scientists in quest to solve the mystery of creation

When European space scientists released an image of the Big Bang afterglow, US cosmologist Lawrence Krauss wrote that no one could look at it without being awed and inspired. The 13.7 billion-year-old universe was then just 380,000 years old; that is, a baby!

26 May 2013 - 4:35am 1 comment

Professor Brian Cox brings some excitement to finance conference

Masters of the Universe – meet Wonders of the Universe. Hard-nosed bankers sat in respectful silence as Brian Cox, scientist, television presenter and former pop star, explained the Big Bang, the importance of research and why it’s not a bad thing for scientists to play around.

22 Mar 2013 - 4:02pm 1 comment

Finding the Higgs boson tops scientific achievements this year

From landing the Curiosity rover on Mars after a 350-million-mile journey, to the discovery of the world's most wanted subatomic particle, the top 10 scientific achievements of 2012 have been nominated by the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, showing the march of human knowledge in genetics, physics, cosmology, medicine and nanoscience.

30 Dec 2012 - 3:54am

Scientists find cheaper way to ensure security on the internet

Scientists at Toshiba and Cambridge University have perfected a technique that offers a less expensive way to ensure the security of the high-speed fibre optic cables that are the backbone of the modern internet.

25 Nov 2012 - 3:32am

New particle is simplest version of Higgs boson

Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider have found no evidence that the new particle discovered earlier this year is anything but the simplest - and most boring - variety of Higgs boson.

16 Nov 2012 - 3:47am

Toybox: Luxe turntables


19 Oct 2012 - 5:02pm

Cat's out of the box as we peer into quantum world

Many people have heard of Schrodinger's cat. The winners of this year's Nobel Prize in physics have shown deep insights into this famous paradox of quantum mechanics.

14 Oct 2012 - 3:26am

French and US scientists share Nobel physics prize for quantum optics work

A US and a French scientist have won the Nobel Prize in physics for work in quantum optics that paved the way for precision clocks and may lead to a new generation of super-fast computers.

10 Oct 2012 - 4:37am

'God particle' tough Nobel call

On July 4, scientists announced they had discovered a new particle that may be the Higgs boson, an exploit that would rank as the greatest achievement in physics in more than half a century.

But they also created a headache for the jury who will decide tomorrow's Nobel Prize for Physics. Historic though it is, does the announcement deserve the award?

8 Oct 2012 - 4:43am

Between the Lines: Where little ones get the big picture

30 Sep 2012 - 2:18pm

Shaw laureate Maxim Kontsevich's work recognised at award ceremony

It is hard to follow a conversation with Maxim Kontsevich, as he peppers it with unfamiliar terms such as mirror symmetry and vector spaces.

For the average person, the Russian mathematician may well have hailed from another dimension - delving into the mysteries of the universe to determine through maths how unseen forces balance one another.

23 Sep 2012 - 1:17pm

'God particle' Part 2

News headlines in early July announcing that scientists in Switzerland may have made a key discovery in the field of physics - called the Higgs boson, or "God particle" - excited two young physicists from Hong Kong because they were involved in projects related to the discovery.

17 Sep 2012 - 12:13pm

Copper bottomed? Don't be too sure

Last month, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing sealed a HK$17 billion deal to buy the London Metal Exchange.

HKEx was prepared to pay so much largely because it wanted to get its hands on the LME's copper futures contract, the main price discovery tool for the global copper market.

On paper, running the world's leading copper contract should hand HKEx a licence to print money.

22 Aug 2012 - 7:32am

About time: driven by design



1 Sep 2012 - 12:39am