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  • Nov 28, 2014
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Wild dogs maul boy to death after fall from railing at Pittsburgh zoo

Like many young visitors to the zoo, the boy may simply have wanted a better look. But his mother's decision to hoist the two-year-old onto the railing surrounding the exhibit of wild dogs turned out to be a fatal one.

Tuesday, 6 November, 2012, 4:29am

Patient better

PITTSBURGH: The world's second recipient of a baboon liver was showing signs of improvement, a week after his operation, but was still in critical condition, doctors said. The 62-year-old man has asked not to be identified.

18 Jan 1993 - 12:00am

Transplant fear

PITTSBURGH: Physicians have conducted a biopsy to try to find out why a baboon liver transplanted into a 62-year-old man was not performing as expected. The unidentified recipient has not regained full consciousness since the 131/2-hour operation, which ended last Monday.

16 Jan 1993 - 12:00am