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When the BBC dreamed up Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure (BBC Lifestyle; Thursdays at 8pm), it brought together two of the most historic/heroic/romantic/hedonistic pastimes devised by man - motoring and wine tasting.

Sunday, 23 March, 2008, 12:00am

Donald does his duty

Wine drinkers toasted the last colonial Budget after the Financial Secretary slashed duty on their favourite tipple by 30 per cent.

13 Mar 1997 - 12:00am

Feed The Governor goes global

NO, IT'S not Harvest Festival. Two months ago, Go asked readers to send in products marked 'Best Before June 30, 1997' so we could throw a banquet for the Governor consisting entirely of grub with the same expiry date as him.

22 Oct 1995 - 12:00am

Sour taste stops quest for the Vino Grail

SUCCESS at last in Lai See's long hunt for a good but cheap vino - a grail quest which by now even has The Post's regular wine critic joining in.

We reckon Kevin Sinclair showing bottles for under $500 a throw is a miracle, let alone under $50, which he did last week.

21 Oct 1995 - 12:00am

Plonk hunting in the hazardous wasteland

DIRE warnings about various tipples have been received by Lai See , but as yet we have not cracked the secret of the good wine for under $50.

Our in-house team of trusty tasters were last week on the verge of spitting the dummy and refusing to try any more of the muck that we had been bringing in.

14 Oct 1995 - 12:00am