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  • Aug 23, 2014
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Political Geography

Black workers, families live in squalor near platinum mines in South Africa

Children play and dogs and chickens forage near sewage spilling from pit latrines in the shadow of Lonmin's Marikana mine in South Africa, which extracts the precious platinum used to make jewellery and car parts.

Friday, 24 August, 2012, 4:04am

Nationalist tide over disputed territories a test for Beijing

In recent days, public protests erupted in Chinese cities, with demonstrators demanding that the Japanese government return the Diaoyu Islands to China. These protests have also put a lot of pressure on the Chinese government to take a tougher stance against Japan.

24 Aug 2012 - 8:08am

North Korean agents used Hong Kong's twilight world

News that North Korean agents bought nationalities as directors of Hong Kong companies shows the downside to being one of the world's freest commercial centres.

31 Aug 2012 - 1:24pm

Beijing warns US-Japan military drills will stoke tensions amid dispute

Beijing called on Washington to stop "stoking tension" over the disputed Diaoyu Islands yesterday as the US and Japan began a month-long military drill.

Japanese officials stressed that the drill was a routine exercise, but mainland media suggested it was aimed at containing China in the wake of recent disputes over the eight uninhabited islets, known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan.

22 Aug 2012 - 3:38am

Letters to the Editor, August 21, 2012

Islands are part of Okinawa

According to existing law, a bilateral agreement between two countries on sovereignty issues is upheld under international law.

The Senkaku Islands, as they are known in Japan, are part of the territory of Okinawa.

21 Aug 2012 - 1:26am

Taiwan warns of Spratly Islands training drill

Taiwan has risked angering its neighbours by warning that it will stage a five-day live-fire drill in the disputed Spratly Islands.

Foreign ministry spokesman Steve Hsia said the training exercise would take place on Taiping Island, in the South China Sea, between September 1 and 5.

21 Aug 2012 - 3:23am

Diaoyu activists from Hong Kong played Beijing's game, analysts say

As Japan agreed to deport the Hong Kong Diaoyu activists, many analysts said they believed their actions had been tacitly approved by Beijing, to contain mounting calls on the mainland for tough action against Tokyo.

18 Aug 2012 - 3:08am

Yinchuan, Ningxia, to host China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum

Trade between China and the Arab world grew 22 per cent in the first half of the year, despite political turmoil in the energy-rich region.

Analysts say Beijing is exploring potential for economic co-operation in the region as some Arab countries undergo reconstruction following civil strife and changes in leadership.

17 Aug 2012 - 4:17am

Chief Executive C.Y. Leung summons Japanese envoy over arrest of HK activists

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying summoned the Japanese consul-general yesterday amid a flurry of diplomatic protests following the arrest by Japan's coastguard of 14 activists from Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland, who landed on the disputed Diaoyu Islands.

16 Aug 2012 - 9:26am

Tourism landscape continues to evolve

A strategic geographic location and ability to diversify has made Singapore one of Asia's most successful economies. The city state has positioned itself as a core financial hub and leading tourist destination.

15 Aug 2012 - 5:43pm