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  • Apr 19, 2015
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Reaching for new heights

Susanna Chiu embarked on a career in accounting after studying economics at the University of Sheffield. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

When Susanna Chiu was born, her mother apologised to her paternal grandfather for not giving birth to a son for the family.

Monday, 18 March, 2013, 2:41am

Opposition plans protests over Chavez inauguration

Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez demonstrate outside the National Assembly, in Caracas, on Saturday. Photo: Xinhua

A top Venezuelan opposition leader called late on Sunday for street protests if the government goes ahead with a plan to delay the inauguration of ailing President Hugo Chavez.

7 Jan 2013 - 1:35pm

Supporters and opponents await news of Venezuela's ailing President Chavez

A man in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas walks past a mural of President Hugo Chavez, who was due to be inaugurated for new six-year term on Thursday. Photo: AFP

The change of mood in Plaza Bolivar could hardly be more dramatic. Less than three months ago jubilant crowds filled the main square in Caracas to celebrate another election triumph for Hugo Chavez with chants of " Oo, ah, Chavez no se va [Chavez won't go]".

6 Jan 2013 - 3:40am

HK firms linked to Mongolian corruption case

An associate of former Mongolian president Nambar Enkhbayar who was jailed along with him for corruption earlier this month may have funnelled government funds at the centre of the court case through two Hong Kong companies.

The associate, Jambal Myagmarjargal, is the sole director of the two companies.

31 Aug 2012 - 4:52pm

Who said it?

We expect Wong Yuk-man would go after us during the campaign on politics too. But our edge is on the livelihood issues

Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood vice-chairman Tam Kwok-kiu, on possible attacks by the People Power lawmaker

My birthday could be the last one I celebrate as president, but that's not up to me - it's up to you

15 Aug 2012 - 11:03pm

Who said it?

He's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president

Clint Eastwood, endorsing Mitt Romney

Independents should not rely on traditional media ...We need to think out of the box

Pong Yat-ming on the tactics needed to win a Legco seat

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era

15 Aug 2012 - 11:01pm

Jiang 'flexing muscles' via media

Former president Jiang Zemin's recent unusual and frequent public appearances show he still wields considerable power over the transition to a new leadership later this year, analysts say.

It also suggests intense horse-trading among factions as they finalise major personnel and policy issues ahead of the 18th party congress.

15 Aug 2012 - 10:54pm

Legco president throws his hat in the ring again for post

Pro-government heavyweight Tsang Yok-sing launched his election campaign yesterday with a clear message for voters - do not vote for him if they want a lawmaker who speaks out on government policies. That is because he will once more seek the president's chair in the legislature.

26 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

University officials under fire again

The conduct of mainland university officials has been called into question again after the president of Zhejiang University was caught playing a computer poker game at a top-level symposium where controversial Peking University president Zhou Qifeng was also seen promoting a CD single featuring a song dedicated to his mother.

24 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

Police threaten to go beyond the law

Everyone frets about how the new government under Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying will threaten Hong Kong's civil liberties. But the official we should be most worried about is the police chief.

13 Jul 2012 - 12:00am