Prime Ministers of Australia

Australia study aid for Asian high achievers

Australia is to invest A$18 million (HK$130 million) in new higher education scholarships, open to both high-achieving individuals from Asia and students from the developing world.

Saturday, 14 November, 2009, 12:00am

Rudd's U-turn on refugees a mixed message to Asia

While Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd spent last weekend hustling his idea of a European-Union-style Asian community with open borders, his government was pandering to those Australians who are fretting about a handful of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan risking their lives on leaky boats in treacherous waters off the Indonesian coastline to get to Australia.

27 Oct 2009 - 12:00am

Between a lot of rock and a hard place

Every friendship has its testing moments, and this is one such time for Australia and China.

There has been what could best be described as a frenzied reaction in Australia over the past few weeks as Chinese resource companies look to swallow up large chunks of the Australian mining industry, among them iconic names such as iron ore and base metals producer Rio Tinto.

9 Mar 2009 - 12:00am

Rudd hitches Australia's future to rising China

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants his fellow Australians to embrace China and the Asian region like never before. But this will be an exercise fraught with political danger given Australia's uneasy collective psyche about its Asian neighbours.

14 Aug 2008 - 12:00am

So far, so good in Rudd's diplomatic balancing act

K.D. Lang, the popular Canadian singer, was cooing over Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's performance in Beijing last week. Lang, a member of the Free Tibet movement, called Mr Rudd 'most amazing', 'fearless' and 'graceful' for the way in which he was prepared to publicly criticise China over its crackdown in Tibet. 'I'm very moved by him,' Lang said on tour in Australia.

15 Apr 2008 - 12:00am

Rudd's apology: are mere words enough?

It was all in the applause. It rang around Parliament House in Canberra and around big TV screens across the country in response to a 330-word apology to Australia's maligned indigenous population from the new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, for past policies which encouraged one of the most dedicated and concerted acts of state-sponsored bigotry conducted in the last century.

15 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Saying sorry must be just a start, Mr Rudd

To say sorry is to admit wrongdoing. It is a simple enough expression, but one that Australia's leaders have been wrestling with when it comes to decades of abusive policies against the country's indigenous people.

14 Feb 2008 - 12:00am

Australia shows a lack of cultural diplomacy

During last year's Australian general election campaign, Kevin Rudd told CCTV that, if he won, 'I look forward to taking the relationship between China and Australia to a whole new level. I have many friends there.'

22 Jan 2008 - 12:00am

One mate you can count on

'Australia's path bends away from the US.' Thus read the headlines of an international 'news analysis' commenting on the Australian Labor Party's recent victory and new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's decision to attend the UN conference on climate change in Bali and to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

22 Dec 2007 - 12:00am

Lesbian named Australia's first ethnic Chinese cabinet minister

Malaysian-born Senator Penny Wong has become the first ethnic Chinese member of the Australian cabinet.

Ms Wong, 39, was yesterday named minister for climate change and water, with responsibility for negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. She is also Australia's first openly gay cabinet minister.

30 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

Heavyweight on the ropes

It's been described as a 'dead heat in the nerd stakes'. Today's Australian election pitches the balding, cricket-obsessed prime minister, John Howard, against owlish technocrat, leader of

the opposition and all-round goody-two-shoes Kevin Rudd.

24 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

The climate of political change in Australia

John Howard has been prime minister of Australia for 11 years and, by normal political standards, he has done almost everything right. The country is having an unprecedented economic boom, thanks to China's limitless demand for Australian natural resources.

22 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

Labor Party makes long-distance call to HK-based Australian voters

A billboard stands above the bustle of Cameron Road in Tsim Sha Tsui of a man named Kevin Rudd claiming 'A Plan For Australia's Future'.

Wrong country, surely, to be touting 'Kevin Rudd and Labor New Leadership' for an election held thousands of kilometres away?

18 Nov 2007 - 12:00am

Milky Bar Kid for PM?

The man tipped to become Australia's next prime minister has not escaped the sharp-tongued wit of the purple-haired housewife from Moonee Ponds. 'Do we want a prime minister who looks like a dentist?' Dame Edna Everage, otherwise known as comedian Barry Humphries, asked of the Labor Party leader in a recent stage show.

15 Sep 2007 - 12:00am

Australian opposition leader upstages Howard with speech in Mandarin

A lunch hosted by Australian Prime Minister John Howard yesterday to formally welcome President Hu Jintao provided an opportunity for opposition leader Kevin Rudd to show off his Mandarin skills and his ties with the Chinese.

7 Sep 2007 - 12:00am